just a question with regards to alcohol consumption at the stadium...

how much of the game do u miss grabbing 2 beers every 10 minutes?

should there be some sort of laws at the stadium regarding alcohol such as a wristband policy or possibly even a breathalizer set up at the concessions so maybe if your a lil too drunk u cant have any more cuz i find that bomber games and the attendance suffers because of the fact that its not very much a familly environment. , yeah u know what.. what parent would take their kids to listen to a bunch of drunken fools.

its a tricky issue man. yes its rowdy and sometimes stupid. but what can they really change... plus they need the revenue.

i think we just need to get at the people to be more responsible... even tho after a dozen drinks thats quite the challenge

Really the only thing that affects attendance is the teams performance (and probably the weather to an extent)...Win and they will come... :smiley:

Of course there are always exceptions, but section S is about the only place I wouldn't sit with a child...

section s. aha always good for excitement

2 beer every 10 minutes? What's taking you so long? Plus, you buy 4 at a time, not 2. That's why god invented lids.

You've got a bit to learn.....