Hmm How to Beat BC

  1. Get consistant pressure on Lulay this would mean more blitzing from LB’s and maybe dbs not just in 2knd and long and not so many fake blitzes as we have done that too often and they do watch film. Need a big game from Tracy being the player he can be.

  2. Create turnovers with big hits , ball stripping and tight coverage causing some interceptions. Essentially win the turnover battle by protecting the ball.

3 Create many offensive plays that do not require a lot of time in protection. Maybe some handoffs and reverses to Sinkfield and Addison and short passes to STE and Mcdaniel and a few more runs for Masoli on draws, options and delayed runs. BC is likely not expecting Masoli to run much due to his knee so we may catch them off guard. BC has the best rush ends in the league so we can’t put our oline under too much pressure holding them off for too long on any given play.

  1. Keep with the run game with Green, STE; Timmis and Masoli to limit their pass rush. We need our oline pumped and pushing the pile.

4.Take advantage of their average db’s. Seems Jones played great against Orange. Let’s see if it’s tine Sinkfield, Mcdaniel and Addison can step up.
We know what Tasker can do.

5 Need to stop Rb Terell Sutton with Teddy Whitlock,Dean and Simoni gang tackling.

  1. BC is going to try to keep Posey away from Breaux to make Breaux a lesser factor in the game. We need to combat that by having Breaux follow Posey around. We need a good game from Brooks guarding Burnham. We also need to try avoid Daly being one on one with anyone. I hope Leonard gets replaced by wiliams or johnson.

  2. We need to try a few unexpected plays like a direct snap gamble on 3rd and 3 and go for the punt block a few times and maybe have a receiver pass a ball or have Green lateral the ball back to Masoli. These all would surprise them as we have not done these things all year.

  3. We must limit the penalties especially unnecessarry roughness or retaliation and mental errors like offside or no yards or illegal block. These all can be avoided by staying focussed and playing smart.

  4. We have to win the field position battle. This means some good boots by Lirum and no shanks out of bounds for a 15 yard penalty.Have
    some good downfield coverage and I think speedster kick return specialist Rainey is not playing so that would give us a big break. We also need Sinkfield and Freddie Williams to have some great kick returns .

10 We need the fans to be louder than ever especially when BC has the ball

11 We need to come out fast and hungry and want it more than them.

Oskie Wee Wee

Gerbear that’s a nice thorough list, but if the Cats did all those things every week then they would be 18-0. ;D

Cant beat BC. Best place in the world :slight_smile:

We didn't just beat B.C.

Hopefully they do it again. Usually the Cats just end up beating themselves.

When I created this topic , i certainly dudn’t expect them to exceed those extremely high expectations. But they did There was a Flair in that stadium tonight ?