Hittin' the Road: Canada Drives to deliver the Grey Cup to Hamilton

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) is welcoming Canada Drives as the league’s official Used Car Retailer & Auto Finance partner. The multi-year partnership will see the Vancouver-based company deliver the league’s iconic Grey Cup trophy throughout Hamilton during Grey Cup Week in the lead-up to the championship game on Sunday, December 12.

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"league’s official Used Car Retailer & Auto Finance partner"
You can be the leagues official anything if you throw some money at them. I realize sponsorship is necessary in today's world but I'm old enough to remember the days when it wasn't needed. Ads on jerseys, ads on the field, ads running below the play by play on tv, where will it stop? I guess I should just be happy they are supporting our game.

Doesn't the Cup reside at the HoF? ... which is in Hamilton? ... and has actually moved into the stadium? How far of a drive does it need to go?

They say they will deliver it "throughout Hamilton" not to Hamilton