Hits to the head

I’ve been waiting for Bomber fans to complain about the clothesline hit that Keith Stokes took in the game against Calgary the other day, but so far nothing.

Funny, since it was exactly the same as the one by Devonte Peterson last year that had them screeching so loudly about the safety of their player. They were insisting that Peterson be suspended, or expelled from the league, or imprisoned, or executed, or something. Yet now they haven’t made a sound about an identical hit to the same player.

What could the difference be, I wonder?

Could it be that, unlike in the Hamilton game last year, where Stokes fumbled, setting up a touchdown which may have cost the Bombers the game, that in the Calgary game Stokes shook off the hit and ended up getting a decent return?

Are they saying it’s only a dirty hit if it costs your team a score?

I’m surprised the Hamilton “punch to the nuts” on Saskatchewan didn’t get more attention.

Now Dave, why do you want to go dredging up that old stuff again. Its a new season so lets see what happens. I just hope somebody doesnt get seriously hurt on a play like that, blowing out a knee is one thing, but crushing a guys larnyx or breaking his neck is not necessary. So lets agree to forget about it for now and hope we dont have to revisit it anytime soon.

They called the high hit last night when Dickenson got nailled high.

Ya what about that NUT CRACKER, call the police, arrest the guy, cut his hand off, trade him to Winnipeg, Talk about a low blow I thought I was watchin the WWE.

Well Davey boy, it just so happens that I wasn’t able to go to the game, and sadly I couldn’t watch it due to a blackout being in effect. I also didn’t remember the press writing about it the following day in the paper so I had no idea that Stokes was bludgeoned to the head a second time, but I will say this. I was one of those Bomber fans who chirped about that last year mainly because Ti-Cat fans were hooting and hollering about how great of a hit Peterson dished out to Stokes. That lit a fire under my arse because as I saw it Peterson clearly overran Stokes and in desperation reached back and swung his arm recklessly across his face. Now, I don’t think that the Ti-Cat player did it intentionally, but the fact that it wasn’t called was ridiculous. The other thing that miffed me about that whole ordeal was the fact that some people, not necessarily Ti-Cat fans were making the argument that Stokes is short and so it shouldn’t have been a penalty due to his height because his head would’ve been at arm level for the lumbering Ti-Cat special teams player. Anyways, I’m not trying to throw fuel on the fire here, but I’ll just leave it at this. If what happened to Stokes in the Calgary game was as bad and went as unpunished as it did in last season’s Hamilton game and I saw the incident I would’ve definitely had something to say. I also don’t mean to take any pot shots at Ti-Cat fans and I’m not suggesting that they’re hooligans that like to see a dirty game by any means, but last year there were some people posting on this board relating to that incident that were talking out of their arseholes, plain and simple. So to answer your question Dave, I can’t speak for all Bomber fans, but in my humble opinion, if a player recklessly clotheslines an opposing player it should be called as a 15 yard penalty at the very least, regardless of whether it results in a touchdown, great return, or a player getting injured or getting back on his feet immediately afterwards.

Real simple Dave.

The hit this year didnt look nearly as brutal as the one last yr. Stokes
was more balanced when hit this time, thusly it didnt LOOK that bad.