Hits of the year

Is it me or is #1 a little weak? Don't get me wrong, its still a good hit but #1? I dunno.

For those who haven't seen the video at the CFL website:

I agree. There were better hits than that one.

I think it was deserving of #2 given how fast, both guys hit the ground. #1 I felt was #4, when Will Poole wrecks Chris Davis. Davis didn't even look like he knew where he was, or that he was trying to catch/swat his helmet away.

#1 is #1.Jykine Bradley is the king of K.O., and that one was just one of his many beautiful hits.Robb Bagg gets absolutely anhilated out of nowhere.Brilliant hit.

I agree. That was definitely #1. He got absolutely wrecked. I feel kind of mean, but I laughed. :lol: