Hitch's comments,

Hitch's subtle comment during the half time show gave us a little insight into his opinion on this years coaches. He mentioned that you always knew where you stood with Lancaster and Marshall. If you didn't tow the line, you were gone. If you didn't listened you were gone. He stated we are not disciline now.
He also mentioned that he should be playing this year.
Sure could've used his leadership qualities.

I still think his best line was...

I'd like to thank the fans for my 12 years here in Hamilton, should have been 13 in my opinion

Along the lines of that anyways..

He stuck it to the organization & as they deserve it. Never should have got rid of Hitch.

It woulda been nice if CHML had broadcast their speeches. I wasn't expecting it from CBC but I was from CHML. I was rather disappointed that Zamperin and Coach Sal were talking over Rob and Mike.

You dropped the ball on that one CHML

I love both of them and apart from the Blue team talk by MIke, I was moved by both of their speeches. I loved it when Hitch said that. It was great. He was right.

Sorry they messed it up for you, JL.

If Hitch was that proud to be a Tiger-Cat, he wouldn't have taken a shot at the organization. Morreale took the high road Hitch unfortunately didn't. Good job Mike!

i agree,the team honoured him and he took a cheap shot.that wasnt the time or place.

I don't think it was a cheap shot at all. It was merely him saying he would have loved to play another year as a Ticat.

what about the remark about the coaches?

I too expected more from Hitchcock - thought he had some class - it’s not like he is going into the Hall of Fame or anything. :o

And trust me, we would be 1-8 even if he was in the lineup.

Hitch can be proud and PO'd at the same time. He appears to blame Taffe and company for the state of the team and as such finds it difficult to not make his feelings heard. Taffe should listen to guys like Hitch but will rather crtisize him with some very colourful language instead no doubt. Taffe should be apologizing to everyone for his pigheaded behaviour IMO. Hitch has always been a class guy so you know there has to be a lot more than just hurt feelings involved for him to make that kind of statement. Seems to me that indicates Taffe is a very very very very bad coach

You’re right on diesel27. I was expecting more from Hitch myself.

now did hitch mention marshall or sudsy? i don’t remember.

if it was sudsy and not mashall was it a shot at both taffe and marshall?

Hitch couldn’t make the team. He got outplayed in camp. Thats pro sports. Maybe it would be cool to see Ange suit up again too but hey, he’s in his sixtys.

he mentioned sudsy.

Yea he did! It was classic

I Agree with Hitch
I am glad he spoke up
Maybe Bob will get Wise and Fire the Real Problem

Who ?? You know where to Find Out
Check it out at Midnight..

Sour grapes from a great guy. It was that heart and fire that made him great in the past. But it's not some great insight into a coaching problem.Bob isn't going to take advice from Hitch on "the problem".

Maybe he should. Taffe hasn’t lost the room, he never had it

Check it out at Midnight..

Sorry if I dis-agree. But, it was EXACTLY the time & place. When you play your heart out for an orginization for 12 years, the least they can do is give the player the honour & respect to let HIM decide when he should retire; not the other way around.
Hitch knew he was coming to the end of his line - he wasn't fooling anyone. But if he felt he had 1 more year left in him, they should have respected that.
And, likely we would not be 1-8 right now...
The Ticats honouring both of them at half-time was classy, but it was also a way for them to cover up for any mistakes they did in retiring them. It was a way to save face, but at seasons end, their record will show how wrong they really were....

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