Hitchcock's Dad

So, I was at the Jr Iron mens football game today, standing against the railing And i feel a tap On my shoulder and its a man wearing All Ticat gear! He says to me " Hey thats a nice shirt you have there, My son would appreciate you supporting him and wearing his Jersey after 3 years out of the game! That totally made my day. Sadly the iron men lost the game, 9-1 season for my little cousin. :slight_smile:just thought id share that with you guys, Its always cool meeting a Father of my favourite football player! OSKIE WEE WEE!!:slight_smile: :rockin:

Very cool!

Oski Wee Wee,


8) Yep, that would be Phil Hitchcock. Former announcer at CHML, in the good old days !!!
   I've known Phil for many, many years now and he is indeed a great guy .

How's Rob doing anyhow?...did you ask Phil ?....

I agree with Tipper, Phil a a real good guy......remember how he used to endlessly gush over Rob on the radio when he was first breaking in?....lol

I remember just a few years ago when Rob's wife made him drive the family "winter beater" to practice........she got the "good" car I guess....lol

He stuck his foot through the gaping hole in the floorboards right to the pavement to show us how he had a "Flintstone Mobile"......too funny!

Rob is a classy, solid guy and loads of laughs.... :rockin:

That's pretty cool. His brother was my science teacher for a couple years in high school, very funny guy.

I was fortunate enough to go to school with Hitch as well as Trevor Shaw. Great guys and a lot of great memories…Glendale Bears all the way!! if they happen to read this…SAJ club all the way. They know what it means.

I met the Hitchcocks years ago when Rob first played hockey. He was 7 or 8. I was his first hockey coach back at the Double Rinks, Rox Park Minor Hockey. He was a good little hockey player. Many times I tied up his skates before practice and games. Good Kid, turned out well don't ya think!

I grew up down the street from the Hitchcock family we all went to Glendale SS I was class of 86 :thup: Look at all the players that made the CFL from those years of Glendale football, Dennis Griffen and Eddie Turek had a lot to do with Bears Football :rockin: