Hitchcock yes ... let's not forget Cheatwood and Peterson

All three of these guys are going to come in here with a huge chip on their shoulder trying to prove something ... it should be interesting.

You forgot about Goss...and Barrenechea, although he is hurt.


I'd love to see Cody smash Peterson.

Almost makes it hard to decide for whom to cheer. Hmm, nope, gotta be the Cats, present and past. :slight_smile:

Maybe the Esks should corner the market with other teams cast-offs rather than the last place Cats!

Hmm, in this case, it seems misery loves company.

red24, don't worry about Goss if the Esks start to lose good old Goss will leave the field and demand to be traded...

Boy, with that who's who of recent Cat greats, those Edmonton Eskimos must be a cinch to win the Cup this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

I completely forgot about Cheatwood. I'll cheer for him too. But unquestionably this will be Rob Hitchcock's day. I'll be wearing my #42 jersey with pride.

Cheatwood is the guy to look out for..Lets be honest the big guy is somewhat of a dirty player who likes to spit on his opponents...Peterson has had a good year but has a history of not making the big catch..Goss is a quitter ...Rob will play hard as always...Look for the Cats to pull off the big season ending win...


when peterson has his head down texting flick.

I'd love to see Cody smash anybody...for gawd's sake get him out of the safety position and back to HB where he belongs so he can do that !!!!!!