Hitchcock to sign with Edmonton ?

Rumour has it that Rob Hitchcock will sign with Edmonton tomorrow as a safety and play against the Ticats in 2 weeks at Ivor Wynn .What do you think?

I believe he signed retirement papers. I don`t think he can play again this season.

No, he was released.

Once released, you can't "officially" retire, since there are no papers to file.

Labour Day's "retirement" ceremony was purely symbolic.

Rob is eligible to play and is currently en route to Edmonton.

Why would he?

Edmonton has a dog team and will be one of 2 teams not playing a playoff game.
They are 5-9 and 3 points behind Montreal with 3 to play.
They have B.C. and Sask left.
They are TOAST!!!

My guess... and this is purely speculative... is that Rob wants to play his last game, knowing it's his last game.

Besides, he can still play and he loves the game. So, my friend, let me ask... Why wouldn't he?

Why would he?
Maybe because he loves to play football and they will pay him? Just a guess.

They would be getting alot older too and something teams are trying to stay away from.

Who cares! Washed up...