Hitchcock to join TiCats Wall of Honour


Since 1998, 23 players and builders have been named to the Wall of Honour: Rocky DiPietro, Bernie Faloney, Ellison Kelly, Angelo Mosca, Tommy Joe Coffey, Garney Henley, John Barrow, Ben Zambiasi, Ralph Sazio, Grover Covington, Jake Gaudaur, Earl Winfield, Bill Danychuk, Joe Zuger, Less Browne, Don Sutherin, Vince Scott, Tommy Grant, Paul Osbaldiston, Pete Neumann, Bob Krouse, Willie Bethea and Joe Montford.


One fond memory of Hitch lighting a guy up at IWS during a Montreal game.One of the receivers who i am unsure of his name, Hitch was patrolling around mid field and Montreal player went up to catch the ball. Hitch hit thus guy so hard he barfed as he rolled around the turf. Perhaps someone can remember the player and the play. In any event, just one of the crushing hits from Rob Hitchcock.

it’s about damn time

Congrats Hitch!!

One of my all time favourite players!

Tyree Davis. De-cleated him.

Could go on and on about Less Browne not being as deserving as Howard Fields or even David Shaw, Harold Woods. …and that’s just DBs.
But I don’t want to muck up a Hitchcock thread.

Amazing player and very well deserved!

Echo that

Congrats Rob!

Well deserved , congrats!
Go bears go!