Hitchcock/Morreale Press Conference

Today's press conference featuring Rob Hitchcock, Mike Morreale, Scott Mitchell, Charlie Taaffe and Marcel Desjardins is now available online in the Ticats video gallery.


Thanks Scott ,
As a Fan it was a hard day for most of us
Thanks for Letting say us see the Video for the Good bye for now Press Conference.
As you said At The News Conference You could not ask for two finer Men to be Ticats and lead us.
We can not let these man Stray to Far from us.

That I agree with .
They Part of Heart of this Football Team Forever

For all the justifiable regret that fans may have for the release of Rob and Mike, we should take their words to heart. As Mike stated, when one door closes, two open up.

I was encouraged to hear that the Ticat offers for future roles in the organization for Rob and Mike are open ones. Both men expressed their thanks to the club, the media, and the fans of Hamilton. I think a new chapter in their Cat careers may yet be written, just not with a clear timetable at this point.

Oski Wee Wee,

Today's Press Conference was a sign of a class organization. Coach Taffe spoke with great sincerity, and Mike went out of his way to express his respect for Charlie and the entire organization. Sad as it was, today was an affirmation that the pride of the Black and Gold has been restored...

I don't think this descision was made Sunday night as Desjardins claimed. It was probably talked about much earlier but was held off until they found out if they could sign their top drafted Canadians, which they now have.
You don't want a high salary older guy not starting, you would want a rookie making 40,000 doing this. My question would be, why put these guys through training camp if the club knew they would probably be cutting these two guys.

I can see Winnipeg being interested in Hitchcock, at the right price, for either OLB or S.
Don't see much out there for Mike unless injuries start piling up around the league. I think he could have a future in broadcasting though if he feels so inclined.

Its a bull* move. If they can do the job(and they can) they should get the job regardless of age. They don't deserve to end their play like this as a Ticat. This will be my last year as a season ticket holder.

DB, you gave us a great answer for your question,

'why put these guys through training camp.'

I was peeved about that, too, DB but I feel better now.

The answer is:

The organisation didn't know they would get so many
of their top draft choices from 2006 and 2007 signed
that they wouldn't have room for Mike and Hitch
among the 20 Canadians we can keep on the roster.

mike probably has more left in the tank than hitch...and i can't see either one of them moving across the country just for one or two years of a CFL salary... would probably end up costing them money

Its a bull* move. If they can do the job(and they can) they should get the job regardless of age.
Say who? You? and who do you coach again?

One thing I took from this is that I believe when they DO decide to retire the organization is willing to give them a 1 day contract to retire as a Tiger Cat...

I will miss watching Hitch lower the BOOM and some of Mike's tough catches but at least we had Morreale Macaroni!!

I think it was a class act by the brass to allow these guys to address the media and allow them to express their feelings about it.

Typical Hamilton fan response. Who is this guy to say Hitch and MM can still do "the job". He must be some kind of all knowing construction magnate.

Wrong. It’s not if they can do the job.

It’s who can do the job better.

There is some fine Canadian talent on this team.

I’m sick of losing teams. I will not settle for “if you can do the job”.

It’s time for the “best for the job”.

4-14 be damned.

Or, they didn't want to retire in the off season and were offered a shot at camp.

What more can you ask for?

True, but I think it was done wrong. You could see they both wanted to be part of this 'new' rebuild, & said so themselves. To 'force' them to retire I think is cruel, and unprofessional.
What Management SHOULD have done was say: "look guys - we got some new talent here. Show them the ropes", and ask them to retire next year. This was too sudden, & in my opinion unwarrented.

Just my 2-cents worth... The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Eagle, if they kept these guys around as you suggest, it would mean releasing young players that have earned the right to be here, and have the potential to be the next Mike or Rob…The boys know how the game is played, and they knew the risk when they decided to come back for another year. The team would never deny them the opportunity to try out. That would have been a low blow. Sadly, its not about money and its doesn’t mean they still can’t play the game…just that through this camp the coaching staff identified young Canadian talent that we can’t afford to loose. It’s always been that way and always will be. A tough decision? Absolutely. Cruel and unprofessional? Nope. As Charlie said during the press conference, people in leadership positions have to make tough decisions for the good of the whole.

I think you are being naive here. Look - I am not saying 'Don't move forward'. Nor am I saying that the coaching staff doesn't know HOW to assess talent. I listened to the Winnipeg game, & I can tell you that some of these new guys, & the receivers are a step up to what we had last year. Kudos to Management for finding this talent.

But - if you recall from last year, both Mike & Rob were playing sparingly, so there were 'other' Canadians playing their spots. If you want to inject NEW talent ( & don't want to lose it), you keep these rookies on a roster spot, and 'delete' the other 2 that took Mike & Rob's spots. YES - it is a case of musical chairs, but I think there was a way for Management to KEEP these 2, & the rookies as backups.
If you want to find a spot, you can find a spot. Management for some reason did not bother to find them a spot.
'Nough said - The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:


I will miss them…but time marches on.

Ask Montford, Hack and several other great Cats who didn’t leave on their terms.

The Last Time I Hurt the Bad From Cut was Carl Coulter #51
Rather then Be Cut He Retired..
Carl was Teacher of my Younger Brother in Halton.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=all_time_ros&func=display&all_time_ros_id=53]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=a ... _ros_id=53[/url]

Hogwash! First, as far as I know, Montford and Hack are NOT Canadians. Correct me if I am wrong. You know it is harder to fill a Canadian roster spot that American. Americans are a dime a dozen.

So, come back to me first tijme either Bauman, Getzalf, of Kordic get injured, and see if you can fill that hole. NADA!

Next, I fail to see how Management can assess talent so quickly, by 1 game against Winnipeg. In fact, I will say that Winnipeg was so brutal (read Brad Banks), that almost ANYONE could have looked good.
If you disagree, tell me why Winnipeg promptly shipped B. Banks to Montreal (read the posts).

Sure, that is not what Management wants you to believe, so they need to arrange a Press Conference to set the record straight.
Just go over the Press video 3 or 4 times, and you will see how much Mike & Rob hated this move.
If it were me, I woudn't even attend the Press Conference, but then again - I am not as classy as these 2.

The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

So, come back to me first tijme either Bauman, Getzalf, of Kordic get injured, and see if you can fill that hole. NADA!
If they retire they are not able to play in the CFL this season at all. (I think thats the rule) so by making this move they keep their options open if somebody gets hurt.