Hitchcock / Moreale deserved better

Rob Hitchcock for my money along with Moreale were the only 2 guys that came to play all season lat year, they were warriors that made proud to ba Ticat fan when I dispaed the most about underachievement.

For management to ask this guy not to retire last year, put his picture on my seasons tickets and then devastate these 2 faithfuls..... Teams ask players to dig deep and give it their all. some do most dont, Ticats lately havent had many that did is this how you honour those that did and wre redy toanswer the call one more time..... I am a fan that is once agian angry with performance issues, this time management is executing badly.


Also, welcome to week 2 of the Morreale/Hitchcock saga that has been beaten to death in several other threads.

We've moved on to other things.


As stated, this topic's shelf life has expired. The two players were treated very well, have open job offers and were paid for their services. Not to detract from their distinguished careers, but last year they couldn't crack the starting line up of a 4&14 team.

Now get over it and go back to writing Snoopy cartoons.