Way to go the drive and sportsmanship should continue on. He use to get the fans up and going and was the team cheerleader thanks Rob. You are missed by the real fans. Well guys keep that Hitchcock fever right up to the Grey Cup.
Carry it on to next year and it the management was smart Rob Hitchcock would be part of the Hamilton Ticats Family again.

If he was really smart he would have realized he couldn't play anymore and would never have gone to Edmonton. I'll catch the Stala fever since he actually has some importance in this game.

Dave Stala has a chance to help his hometown team in his hometown to the eastern fianl. I expect a big game from sticky :rockin:

Rob Hitchcock was a great player for many years. When he was offered the opportunity to retire, he declined. When he left the Ticats, he was offered a job with the club, during a farewell press conference held for him. I'm not aware he ever took the team up on that offer. It may no longer be open. When he left Hamilton, he did not recognize his time as a player was effectively over, unfortunately, and so went out with less fanfare and grace than he might have done. That's a shame.

As for his being missed by "the real fans", I have no idea who you feel that includes, other than people those who happen to agree with you.

He refused that offer because he still wanted to play. They basically released them (Morreale and Hitchcock) and due to their service on this team and how much the fans loved them, they were asked to return and work on the inside of the Ticat's Organization. They refused because they wanted to play or do nothing. And so they rode off into the sunset.

I believe Rob Hitchcock is successful in his own construction and renovation business at least he was when he was a Ti-Cat, sometimes the association with a team immediately afterward s is tough for players because they feel they can still play but you never know in the near future maybe Rob will return to some capacity with the team. All the best to Rob in his current endeavors???

The new team cheerleaders are many now, not just one, Otis Floyd, Dave Stala, Arland Bruce, Deandra Cobb, Kevin Glenn and so on.


We need a Bigger Boat

He's gone, let it go, move on, get over it...get your head out of your passt :stuck_out_tongue: