Hitchcock and Morreale gone?

Okay I am really upset right now. A friend of mine informed me that the Ticats plan to release tomorrow both Morreale and Hitchcock. I have been a ticat fan as long as I can remember and although two years ago Mike had a less then average year, these two individuals have been the face of the true ticats for years. And as you can see by my username, I hold Hitchcock in high regards when it comes to my cats. This is an outrage and I currently feel sick. Cut a good old Hamilton boy and an adopted Hamilton boy for youth that just have not proved it yet. How much do you want to bet that Toronto will continue their ways and pick up one or both of these fine players and polish them into another big regret on our part. Shame on you!!!!!! Mike and Rob, Thank you for the years (_p

Well I guess it s**** but at the same time I really dont think any team in the league will pick them up (who even knows yet if they were even released). So if they can't make any other team why keep them around. Change is tough but it is something we need for sure.

I can understand loyalty to these guys but is it really worth taking up roster spots for guys that don’t really produce anymore.

I feel sad they are gone but I know that coach Taffe is doing everything he can to make us a winner again.

I'm so shocked to read this as I have met and played touch football for Morreale and his brother all be it only one game it was a awsome experience. Also I've had the chance to hang out with and toss the football around after a cops and cats charity basketball game with Hitchcock at my school a couple years back. These guys are and will always be Ti-cats legends. But I don't see them going far from the club and taking up a personel spot such as a team consultant mike Offence and Hitchcock Defence.

Well thats what I hope cuz I'm not sure I'm ready to see these great guys leave just yet but it they do I wish them the best and hope they have success in the future.

We will DEFINATELY! see these two on the wall of honor soon enough.