Good Morning All:

If you have not read the story in the Spec.GO WEDNESDAY page go 9 please read it. 

It is about Mike and Rob.
It made my day. :smiley: pat_cat

It must be..or rather...IT IS a girl thing.

Hitch and Meatsy.

[click here]

Thanks Ron.
Whatever! pat_cat

Actually the "Meat" thing is not a girl thing. It's been Mike's nickname for years.

Nice article, the pictures were great!

Great work by Sheryl Nadler. :smiley:

That was an awesome column!
(and YES I am completely biased because not only are Mike and Rob my two favourite Ticats, but I can relate to the 'over thirty' comments.)


Also great article by Scott Radley today on John Zuger, enjoyed this.

ahhh, Joe Zuger. Hamilton fans either loved him or they hated him. I think some haters secretly loved him for his punting skills.

I loved him. He beat Ron and the Riders more than once during his career.

This was absolutly the best !!! I have to get a picture of this !!! for my collection. Bravo to the Spec for finally printing a good artical. (lol)

Wrong guy laughinghard.

The article is about JOHN Zuger.

(But you're right about Joe ..I was a BIG fan of his)

Umm, I was well aware it was about his brother with mention of his brother, which led me to write... (see previous post) Did I break any CdN laws? :stuck_out_tongue:

HITCH And MEATY...Alterboys???....Not! :lol:

Thanks for the laugh PatCat, and Ron for the link! :thup:

Alterboys - looking for altergirls. :lol:


(Didn't realize that you realized)

Carry on!

I absolutely loved today's paper..they have to be my favourite players EVER!..they rock!!:rockin:..there is some really good pictures and I loved it. :smiley: