Hit on Zach Collaros

That was a nasty hit. IMO there was ZERO intent there as some suggest. Should it be a fine? Yes. Should it be a suspension…only if Willis has a track record for discipline with this…I don’t believe he does. He made a very poor tackle that put someone in danger…that does not equate to intent but warrants some sort of discipline because it was dangerous.

What is brutal is not even that the on-field officials missed this, because it happens, stuff gets missed at full speed and imperfect angles…it is that even after a timeout that the eye in the sky saw nothing and a challenge had to be thrown. That is beyond pathetic and should cost a job. You see them stepping in…but even with time bought…nothing? It really took nothing of a replay to see this. Not cool.

CFL wants to make a statement about player safety? Well…here you go.

Becomes pretty obvious when Collaros is spitting out blood.

It’s now been 24 hours and no comment from the CFL which normally means no discipline will be coming.

Would hate to see another qb go out this season on a similar play … but If the cfl is ok with it this won’t be the last we see of this kind of hit. The risk vs reward makes it worth a simple 15 yards sadly.

Does it?They historically make announcements on later in the week. They let the games finish. They have their pool of plays to review already. They have their notes from the officiating crew. They field calls from all teams. Then they review. They discuss. They talk to PA. There are occasions that they see something that they want to address more immediately and apart from weekly announcements, but it usually happens Tuesday - Thursday


Yes dirty hit not a dirty player imo. And yes the league should be ashamed

I really do not think there was intent to injure on Willis’s part. Watch carefully. Collaros holds onto the ball until the last possible second with Willis coming full speed, and then dumps it off. Collaros did not give himself up and Willis committed himself to the hit.

Of course, Collaros did NOT deserve this fate - we have to protect the quarterbacks - and Willis (unwisely) chose the most expeditious route from Point A to Point B, which was lauching himself. However, I do not see a crown to the helmet, I see more of a shoulder check. Still illegal and he should get a fine from the league for launching, but not a suspendible offence.

I really hope Zac is not injured. :frowning:

and oddly enough a suspension may not be in the best interest of the Riders - having Willis play and a potential win against the Stamps would mean more to the Riders than a suspension for the hit at this point

It was a full on crown to chin. Back in the day this would have been referred to as a “teeth rattler.” That doesn’t make it something with intent or “dirty” though…but yeah…like you suggest, still a dangerous hit and that deserves some sort of discipline. I fully understand how an official can miss this at full speed…there was body contact there via shoulder…but it was crown to head first point.

1:55 in

Haven’t seen the angles shown on TV, but assume the same as was shown on the screen at the game was shown…much better than in the link above. It shows it from the opposite side and it was very clear crown first contact

What might actually get Willis in more trouble than anything, and this is where he looks like a complete dirtbag (and he is not…not saying that at all…but this was pretty gross judgement on his part) was when the crowd bood he taunted them…fair enough. But even after the player was down for a bit and the penalty post-challenge he did it to both the fans and the players. If there is a suspension I think that would be the thing that gets him there…you just made a pretty dangerous play and are now taunting and being unsportsmanlike after is down and there was a challenge? That does not look good at all, and I can assure that Wally will at some point be pulling him into an office on it either way. I actually thought he might be ejected at that point TBH. He probably should have had another penalty there at minimum. if a player was down and you did that you for sure would be…we have seen that a couple times this year. Does it make it okay to do it after they finally get up and you are penalized for the bad hit? No way.

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More on the Willis-Collaros hit… @CFL review of incident says the following: “The injury spotter, having noticed that Collaros appeared to be under some distress, should have stopped the game and removed Collaros prior to a replay challenge being initiated.?

As for the hit itself: “It was a high hit and should have been flagged in accordance with our standards. We are reminding our officials to rule in favor of player safety when the location or severity of contact is in doubt.?

“We are also instructing the umpire to join the referee in ruling on roughing the passer so that aspect of the play is viewed from additional sight lines. This play will be reviewed for possible discipline.?

Zero is a pretty low number.

My estimate would be 100. I could be convinced it was 50 (i.e. Willis could have adjusted the trajectory of the hit, chose not to, doesn't care, not displeased with the outcome).

I just watched the video. It’s hard for me to tell, but it seems to me Odell tried to hit Collaros with his shoulders.

With those huge helmets they wear I think you’re always going to get those head shots, intentionally or not.

My suggestion: allow only rugby-styled tackles on quarterbacks, so no hits above the waist.

even I don’t think Willis intended the hit to land the way it did - Jones even says as much as well. Willis is as Jones says - A personnel friend and future HOF and this was not in character for him.

Great players can have a momentary lapse in judgement as well - My criticism is on the hit - not the player.

I remember our RSM telling us that to screw up was human and so long as your ready to stand like a man and take your punishment - its all good. If not - then your not the soldier you think you are.

It doesn’t negate the hit was bad - late - etc etc. So long as the CFL makes a statement with how it handles this and the punishment fits the crime - I’m down with that.

What I would like to see is the CFL wait to get medical on Zak. If Zak is cleared and wont miss a game then a sizable fine vs a suspension would suffice.

If Zak is out then the CFL should apply a suspension as well.

The more I watch the review the more upset I am getting at the officiating crew vs Willis. CFL spotters not pulling Zak defeats the purpuse of having CFL spotters. Replay not calling this one down without being challenged to do so - begs the question of why even have the eye in the sky? Consistency Consistency Consistency - Its not bias in my opinion but very inconsistent and clearly they all are not on the same page as to what the CFL expectations are

Just my 2 cents

Agreed that Willis was committed prior to Collaros releasing the ball. Not sure what these other posters are talking about with him being able to hold up. Not possible.



I want to acknowledge that our response to the Odell Willis hit on Zach Collaros this past weekend was clearly inadequate.
First of all, the play should have been flagged and a roughing the passer penalty should have been imposed by the on-field officiating crew without Saskatchewan having to use its’ challenge.
Secondly, the Injury Spotter, who has access to several camera angles in the Command Centre, including the view from the “all 24 (players)? camera, should have immediately stopped the game and had Collaros removed from the field for examination upon the first signs of distress.
Finally, we should have publicly acknowledged these errors and communicated with the media and fans promptly instead of waiting until last evening to share a statement.
I am committed to removing reckless and dangerous play from our game. (Willis’ hit on Collaros is being reviewed today for discipline.) The fact that we did not respond adequately is not acceptable to me. I have made that very clear to our personnel today. We are reviewing our processes, protocols and rules to ensure this chain of events is not repeated.

I’m quite sure nothing will happen to the joke that is Andre Proulx.

Heck, I’m sure he’ll gladly screw up the Grey Cup is given the opportunity.

Regardless of intent, I see it as an unnecessary high hit, pure and simple. Willis should have lowered his angle of attack and went for between the knees and numbers, not the top of Collaros’ chest with his shoulder, which led to an obvious, if inadvertent, head hit.

I don’t know why there is a “control centre” if it’s not going to be used. Sometimes refs miss calls — they’re HUMAN BEINGS — so to single out one guy, Proulx, is just ridiculous when the control centre, with the benefit of every camera angle available and the ability to invoke concussion protocol, completely blew the call. The CFL has to do better for the health of the players, and the long-term health of the league.

I’m encouraged that the commissioner accepts that a serious mistake was made and is moving to rectify the situation. Better late — though that has to be fixed too — than not at all.

And there is the classic "you don't agree with me, so you must be a troll" post

The strange thing is that Proulx tends to flag the borderline hits more than the other referees, although the past couple of years, he’s started to allow more leeway to the defender. So it’s very odd for him to let this one go.

You do realise that Proux( the head ref) does not make every call? Right?

Why is it that every bad call is blames on the head ref? Funny how no one ever answers that

The fact is when I first saw the hit…from a camera angle towards the back I could not understand what the whining was about…It was a shoulder to shoulder hit…Then on the replay from an angle more to the frontyou could see that it was a head shot…Well Proulx, had an even worst angle being well behind the and I don’t blame HIM one bit!

Give it a rest and stop blaming the Head refs for everything

Yes please. Too many fans blame the head ref for every call that goes against their team, usually I expect because it’s the head ref who announces it, not that he necessarily called it himself. It could have been an umpire, field judge. . . etc. etc.

Fans complaining about officiating get rather tiresome. It almost always seems to me that they think every call against the opposing team is justified, and that absolutely every call against their team is a bad call.

I just wish that instead of crapping on the officials they’d direct their ire where it belongs, on the players on their team who commit rule infractions.