Hit on Zach Collaros

Now you are just trolling. If you don't understand the difference between the two (one was not penalized even after a review) you don't understand the game.

I think I understand the game just fine, been a fan for over 30 years. The 2 cases do not seem that different to me at all, except for the reaction. Penalties and suspensions back nothing up, as mistakes are made all the time.

Are you saying fan bases are not biased when it comes to big hits? I see it in both football & hockey.
In this case though the OP defended 1 hit by saying if that was RTP then the league is going to “flag football”, and then the latest hit is “disgusting & cowardly”.

Absolute nonsense. The 2 hits are not even close to being similar.

In the Edmonton game the qb held the ball too long and instead of taking the sack he exposed himself to being sacked. He extended to make the pass and got hit. In yesterday’s game zak had completed the pass and a step or 2 later gets hit head first.

Night and day differences in the 2 hits … heck even the TSN crew which is always critical of the riders was clear … dirty … late and should have been tossed.

And zak should have been sent to the locker room to be checked and not stayed in for the rest of the drive.

...I agree with everything you said except the above...but maybe you get a different TSN feed than I do...

Also on yesterday’s hit if you watch the replay the defender lead head first and and only after the hit did he raise his hands. The head contact was not follow through on a football tackle - the head shot was the tackle.

I watch TSN in bc - it’s normally dunigan - Burris etc and they certainly don’t come across as equally supportive of the riders when they call their games … at least that’s how it comes across to this fan :slight_smile:

In your example the only way to avoid any contact that is near the head is to put qb’s under flag football rules. The defender made the tackle standing up and ended up making contact with the helmet.

In yesterday’s hit the defender was not attempting a tackle and was late. It was a direct head shot.

In the Edmonton game their was contact as a result of a legal tackle … yesterday’s hit was zak being burtuzzied by a player.

In the edm9mton game the qb was able to prepare for the hit knowing he was either getting sacked or hit as he threw the ball… yesterday zak had already thrown the ball and was not prepared to take a late head shot hit.

I get it your not a rider fan but really … I don’t see how any cfl fan of any team would put the 2 hits in the same category.

One qb had head contact t during a hit and didn’t get taken out - the other got what amounts to a sucker punch and lef the game.

Not all contact t with the head is avoidable in football - avoidable head shots as the only point of contact is in a category all on its own

...fair enough, I’d counter that Suitor goes far the other way, so maybe it balances out in the end...

I find it hilarious how most of the fans think the announcers are against them. If they make a comment on a nice catch, or a nice block, they are pro Team A. If they make a nice comment on the other team, they’re pro Team B. Those guys cant win.

…are you saying there’s zero bias with announcers who have played the game? I think there is some bias, I don’t think you can play the game and not be somewhat partial…it’s not glaring, but is there…

I have listens as dunnigan has called a great td play for team a with so much hmmm exuberance lol that I felt like offering him a smoke :wink:

Team b same game scores an equally impressive td and the call is very laid back and as a matter of fact.

That’s not an accusation of bias or conflict - it is in my opinion a reflection of life and team favorites.

I enjoy great returns no matter which team does it - but I will cheer louder for my team because well … that’s what fans do.

And yes Suiter definitely is supportive of the riders - my original point was that the announcers who in my opinion are not typically identifiable as rider supporters per say - where stead fast in callling out the hit and supporting zak by verbilizing why he wasn’t pulled and placed in concussion protocol immieditly:

Burris was the most animated and he didn’t just blame jones but the cfl as well for not halting play and specially after the challenge … to ensure a players saftey

lol typical overreaction from fans of one of the dirtiest teams in the league. Watching that play at full speed and it looks like Willis hits his shoulder with very little, if any contact, to the head…possible to interpret the the hit to the head comes after contact to the shoulder…helmet sliding off shoulder pad when you watch at full speed. Pretty easy for the official to miss that when he is at ground level watching in real time.

Par for the course from a fanbase who thinks every ref, online forum, CFL news source is out to get them.

Rider Nation - the Trump administration of the CFL

And that my friends is…

The Last Word


You lost all credibility with the whole trump thing - and no contact with the head ? Umm yah - going to have to agree to disagree and move on

So what are your going to categorize Dunigan as for saying “That was a player going high and trying to take a player out”? Just make sure you pipe in with your apologetic last word to Rider fans when the league fines Willis this week and exposes your utter lack of knowledge.

Of course fans are biased. I just pointed out that after review one was clearly a penalty whereas the other was not. One was overturned on the field and the other was not.

Willis leads with the crown of his helmet and makes first contact to the head which was a far more dirty and dangerous hit than Evans who appears to hit shoulder pad first then slides up (something that happens frequently)

A big difference between the 2 plays is the state of each QB at the point of impact.

Rielly knew he was going to get hit and sacrificed himself to make the pass. As such he knew the hit was coming and was able to in part brace for it.

Zak had completed the pass and was slowing his steps - he was not prepared for the hit and nor should he have had to - the hit was late.

If you have ever played a contact sport past middle school ( so your dealing with adult size players ) - you would understand the difference between being blind sided and going into a play bracing for the hit.

It seems the reaction is universal except for a few that have other motives - that the play was dirty - was reckless and was late.

I hope Zak recovers to play again this season and that the CFL uses this to address that the league must get serious about protecting QB’s and to ensure discipline matches the crime. They will never take contact out of the game so far as helmet contact - often the follow through on the contact leads to it. I am specifically talking about leading with the helmet to helmet contact where the player was not even attempting to grasp the QB. The rule needs to clear - transparent - applied equally and consistently and enforced at all times. The command center needs the ability ( if they don’t already have it ) to call the penalty in and if warranted by video review - to toss a player.

Certainly if the time keeper can call a halt to the play to review an offside and overturn a first down - they must able to deal with stuff like this ?

No, I am saying when you watch at full speed that it APPEARS he makes contact with the shoulder pad, but he actually does end up either:

  • simultaneously hitting the shoulder pad and Collaros' helmet at the same time OR
  • he hits the shoulder pad first and with his slightly forward/upward motion hits the helmet after.

Either way, it is quite easy for the official to miss. It's hilarious how some of you feel the ref should be fired just because he missed a play that looked like it might be legal when viewed in real time.

It will be a minor fine if anything. No suspension. The ref will not be fired.

We can agree to disagree on the contact of the head - the fact that he was hit several steps after completing the pass makes it dangerous and illegal. Your comment that it may be legal is … well … better to keep it to myself

Sadly this may benefit the Riders the most - Every Rider fan has become a Lions fan for next week - and getting the extra week to heal may mean the difference between Zak playing again this season or not.

Not addressing it though has more consequences for the CFL in any future litigation regarding concussions than it helps them. CFL maximum punishments are a joke currently and when applied are so small in duration that they provide no deterrent.

My guess - One game suspension and have it served during a mean nothing game for both teams really.

I cant recall any suspensions longer than 2 games for on field play ? I am sure we have some stats folks that may know but googleing it doesn’t provide a list other than recent suspensions

All but 1 have been single games with the sole 2 game suspension being a repeat offender in Ottawa ( 2 suspensions same season )