Hit on Zach Collaros

After seeing the hit in zak I am speechless. That was dangerous

Absolutely disgusting

After having a day to cool off - and look up the defenders history - I am willing to change my opinion on the hit to dangerous - and although it still is disgusting to see any player put another it such risk of injury… I hope the CFL uses this example to move player safety forward and let there actions demonstrate that they take this seriously.

Yes that was nasty. Very similar to the 2014 hit on Collaros early in his first season as a Ticat - and by the SAME player.

the Head official tonight needs to be held to account as well … that not only a major but a clear toss from the game.

If a rider ever lays a hit like that and jones lets them on the field again in rider green I’ll call for his head as well…

And to think the max punishment is what - 2 games ? This should be a 6 game plus penalty

…I missed it, who took ZC out?

Odell Willis

Riders are getting their revenge on the scoreboard. Good lord, Lulay should be wearing green tonight.

the hit was wrong, but disgusting and cowardly...a little too strong.

…saw the highlight, vicious hit, definitely uncalled for…

The saddest part is that the officials completely missed it. This is something I would be fine having the eye in the sky or the command center review on the fly (don’t hold up the game for it) and if it looks deliberate eject a player for targeting the head.

It’s hard to determine intent but it looked bad.

That's what I was saying tonight. While I don't want to see it go back to the way it was a couple years ago with the multiple challenges per game, something like this could be looked at above. Itd save the coach from using a challenge.

They could look at implementing what they have in the ncaa with the targeting rule resulting in ejection

I think NCAA college football reviews plays for targeting and can eject players after the fact. I would be perfectly fine with the CFL and NFL following suit.

Kyrie Hebert may not finish a game if we implemented this before he retires though.

Willis has put Collaros out with a concussion before when he was a TiCat
Leads with crown, late hit, No Call from Proulx.
When Chris Jones saw the replay on his tablet and had to challenge he was seriously PO’ed

Do not blame Jones one bit for being po’d.

I believe that would be Collaros’ 4th documented concussion. :frowning:

And with that how was he allowed to stay in the game after that hit?

Should he have not been pulled off the field to go through the protocol?

It was an ugly hit, but I think it is time, the league dumps Proulx. He calls every other call why not this one. But then we all know how bad of a Ref he really is. I can only hope Zac is good to go for Play-offs. Its been a wild crazy ride getting here. I have never seen a team make play-offs like we did this year, so bizarre!!

Don’t see the difference between this one and the one on Reilly a couple weeks ago, only this time it’s a Rider on the receiving end instead of the offending end. Ofcourse their fanbase has a much different reaction.

In a replay angle showing Willis’s back it shows first contact was shoulder to chest, and you can see that in this replay he does push off with his shoulder. Yes, there is head contact as well, but that is why I think the 2 are very similar.

What we need to eliminate is any projectile like hit on a qb regardless of where contact is made.
Gator roll tackles are going to be the future of football, if there is going to be a future.

I also think Willis hit Collaros late in the playoff game that wasn’t called, which the CFL later said should of been a penalty.

Who are the spotters that would make the decision to pull a player from a game and where are the from?

If they are local people, they could be hesitant to pull a home play, while quickly puller a visitor.