Hit on Wynn

even tho that hit was a really sweet looking hit the first time you see it..but on replay, that was the dirtiest hit ive seen

there is no doubt in my mine that schults will get fined in a heartbeat..and that ref will get fined too, or at least he should after the conference call that geaorge black had this week..saying that if a ref misses a play like that he would get fired on the spot..i hope he lives up to his word, because there was no excuse for that

and how can u even be proud of youself if you schults..nasty

i dunno, he was a dead man anyways, although shultz hit was sort of from behind, winn was facing him and then turned to his right to be met by another roughrider, same deal with being a second before hitting someone in hockey, and then they pussy out and turn away, you cant stop, they’re putting themselves at danger.

I think you misunderstand the rules, Nova. The Shultz hit was an incredibly dirty cheap shot due to the fact that he drive himself, helmet first, into Wynn's face, and then after knocking his helmet off, pile drove his helmet into Wynn's unprotected face. There is not rule against hitting a QB from behind. But hitting them to the head is a no no. Hope that Shultz is proud of that. rider nation has never looked more pathetic.

i couldnt care less about the situation, lets just see how it unfolds after the game

If you couldn't care less, then why did you bother to reply? Your assessment was completely wrong, and I pointed it out. If you couldn't care less, then keep your mouth shut.

and would u look at that..another hit to the head on a qb by the riders..this time it was on crouch and i think it waas given by jurinieack (?spelling)and it was after crouch tossed the ball...i beginning to look at the riders as a dirty team if this stuff continues...FIRE THAT REF...FIRE THAT REF!! lol

Shultz has always played it rough and tough, but Pinball should have had Wynn take a knee with 6 seconds on the clock.

All I know, is that if the riders find a way to lose this game against an opponent that plays the first half of the game with their second string QB, the second half of the game with their third string QB, and most of the game without their "star" running back, they are going to have more to be ashamed of than this cheap shot on Wynn.

If the Argos send in the tape and they see it was a cheap shot, Schultz will be discplined for it,as he should be. Riders are making Toronto's offence look good with poor coverages. Once again, Rider D is taking another game off. I guess if they follow that pattern they will win next week against Calgary. It was an opprotunity to grab a win for the Riders and once again they are choking big time.

I looked at the highlights on TSN(sportscenter) and the Schultz hit WAS A CLEAN hit. It was the impact the jarred his helmet loose, not a helmet to helmet shot. Pinball didnt seem to think it was a cheap shot either, and he was even talking to Schultz after the game!! If it had been a cheap shot, it would have been the only thing players were talking about after the game. It was hard-nosed football, end of story.

Of course it was clean! :lol:

Clean hit? Are you kidding me? Shultz drove the top of his helmet under Wynn's facemask, knocking the helmet off. He (Schultz) totally led with his head to Wynn's head, which is not a clean hit to a QB. Don't be shocked when he's suspended for that. Just because the refs didn't call it, doesn't mean it's clean. Just ask Clifford Ivory.

Exactly Sambo42,just because a QB gets crushed, looses his lid and is pumelled into the turff,this does not constitue a penalty....waaa,waaaa,waaaa. What about calling for a passing play with 6 seconds left in the half, or non - existant blocking for Wynn...Maybe a touch rule on QB's should be put into effect and what's this slideing feet first, just put a stop to their running up field completely

If wynn had the number 13 and the name Calvillo across his back, it would have been a HUGE penalty.

Watch the replay or highlights. If you look closely you will see that it was a clean hit. It was the IMPACT that knocked his helmet off. A cheap shot implies that Schultz deliberately intended to injure, and that was NOT the case. Im sure if you asked Pinball, he would say it was a clean hit. None of the Argo players seem to be complaining about it, and they would know better than anyone if it was a cheap shot or not.

:cry: Still crying over ANOTHER fair loss to Montreal...

HE LEAD WITH HIS helmet right into WYNN’S face knocking WYNN’s helmet fying and causing a concussion.

If that is legal , then I am wrong.

An ARGO just touched JOESHEP’s helmet with his helmet and was given 15 yards. :roll:

THAT IS JUST TOTAL B.S. :roll: :thdn:

Get a bucket to catch all those tears Pokey! :lol:

If it was a cheap shot, then how come the Argos themselves arent saying anything about it? Cmon HT, Pinball himself was chatting with Schultz after the game!!! Watch the highlights buddy, and you will see there was no deliberate attempt to injure-- if it was helmet to helmet Wynn would have a concussion--but they are saying a broken jaw, and precautions on his neck, means they are being careful, doesnt mean that he has a neck injury.

Really the ref's did not call anything and they were there on top of the play. So I would have to believe it was a clean hit!