hit on kevin glenn

disgusting hit, he should be suspended for the rest of the year

That was brutal. I don't care what his excuse is, that's a dangerous hit!

that first round pick of the Bombers is looking really good right now, they havent lost a game since the trade

Maybe dirtiest hit of the year. So late, and leading with the head. It's amazing the refs didn't toss Barenachea as well. No place for that in football period.



That was real bad. Has he ever done anything like that before? I never really thought of him as a dirty player and wondered if he has any history. He should have held up on it but for some reason he didnt, I guess he just had to do it :twisted: . It got winnipeg fired up and with them being on a roll it will only help to bring the team together more, standing up for each other out there. It was a bit of a war but fun to watch.

Blatantly leading with the top of his helmet into Glenn's helmet. You'd think Esk players of all people would have learned their lesson after Jason Tucker's neck injury earlier this year.

Maybe Augie took lessons from the most hated....A.J. Gass!

That's what I thought when I saw it. Reminds me of Gass' hit on McMannus a few years back for which he didn't even get a penalty.

what funny is Auggy is not Dirty Player..
But he should not play the next 2 games ..

do i think he did it on purpose? No.

you are in a tight game, heat of the moment, you get a free shot on the QB and you want to make him pay. sometimes these things happen. auggie should be fined but not suspended. he doesn't have a history of this sorta thing.

Huh ?? So what your saying as long as you havn`t done this sort of thing before your allowed a FREE SHOT against a QB ??

This also reminds me of the hit on Danny Mac and the no penalty call . I had to listen to the tough guys on here saying it wasnt flagrant and their shouldnt of been a penalty . Funny , these comments are always made by guys who have never experienced a hit like that and they make it sound like it was no big deal .

Suspend and fine him and maybe just maybe others will think twice before they do it !!!!

The league has to look into that hit with an eye to a suspension. Commish Cohon was at the game and he must've been POed to see such a dirty hit mar an otherwise great game. I go to CFL games to watch guys like Glenn and Ray do their thing. It doesn't do us fans any good to have the best guys on the sidelines.

An Argo-Cat fan

Watch it again. It looks like he takes about 3 or 4 steps after the ball is released. That's not what most people call a legit "free shot". That doesn't even get into the fact he used the top of his helmet as a weapon.

Yeah, i agree with the previous poster. He took a couple of steps and then hit him. I'm just wondering if it was a payback of some sort....Still no need for that in the game. Suspend him 4 games IMO.

Here it is on youtube.


Total dirty hit.
Hope Glenn is good to go next week.

Thanks for the YouTube link; I missed that game.

Even the birds were calling it.

Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Looking at that replay,

Yes, he should be suspended. Heat of the moment or not. He took two steps and unloaded on Glenn with his helmet. I would say a 3 or 4 game suspension!

Loved the hit. (I hate the Bombers)