Hit on Clermont being reviewed by the league

According to TSN and the Team 1040 in Vancouver, the hit on Jason Clermont in this past week's game in Winnipeg is being reviewed by the league. The apparent reason is Nugent lead into Clermont with his helmet. I will try and find out some more information on this.

Dirt bag Wally doing some more whining to the league? When it happens to one of his players, its a travesty, but when one his players is the guilty party, its a conspiracy against the Lions. Stuff like this is getting very old, maybe Dirt Bag shouldn't be throwing stones when he lives in a glass house...

Kind of like you calling Wally a dirt bag. It's getting very old.

Good for Wally, standing up for his players like any good coach would do. Whether it was a dirty hit (which I don't necessarily think it was), it's definitely worth a review.

If it wasn't a dirty play , then why review it? Just more whining from Dirt Bag Wally..I said before the season started that some officials may look the other way when a foul is committed agaisnt a Lions' player... and it certainly looks like that is the case here.

does anyone have a video of the hit....I missed it...

Clermont is such an impressive athlete. The man sure has taken his share of 'highlight reel' hits.

How do you know if it was dirty or not? Clearly there is some question whether it was a clean hit or not, hence the fact it is being reviewed. It's not rocket science, Sambo.

The league will review it and determine if it was in fact leading with the helmet or not. I'm not sure which way they will rule but clearly they deem that it was a play worth taking another look at.

If you want to talk about whining, take a look at your own GM and his antics last year. Grow up.

Speaking of growing up, RLR, you don't have any plans to, do you?

I think I'm just fine thank you very much jm02. Thanks for the concern though. Now do you have anything of value to add to the conversation? Do you believe it was a dirty hit, jm02?

Oh, I'm not concerned about you, RLR...believe that. Y'all have a nice day now!

I don't recall thinking it was a dirty hit at the time, but wouldn't mind seeing it again to see if my perception changes.

LOL @ the nick name 'Dirt Bag Wally'

On a related note glad to see Garguglio back on Cal Practice Roster!

I don't think it was an intentionally dirty hit but if you review the hit again, Nugent did lead with his helmet into Clermont which I'm pretty sure is illegal? I'm not sure of the exact rule but I'd be curious to find out.

You should take a look at the Lions and Dirt Bag's antics last year, then we will talk about who needs to grow up.

Lets say for the sake of argument that it is deemed that the player led with his helmet. If he league supsends him, it will get promptly appealed, then if the suspension is upheld, then it will go to an arbitrator. Given the last two arbitrations processes that have taken place, it will drag out and no one will be satisfied with the results. Does the league really need to go through this kind of thing again in the middle of a new season? IMO, it does not, so even reviewing the play is asinine.

You're probably right about the suspension part. Regarding who whines more, I'd have to say Pissant. But hey, that's just my opinion.

You know even if he did lead with the helmet it didnt look or seem intentional dude just got rocked. I was on the upperdecks at the other side of the field and I heard it.

Hmmm...so Dirt Bag is poo-poo, but Pissant isn't...total hypocrisy, RLR, and totally in-character.

I found the highlights package on youtube. If it is is the hit in the first quarter, it definitely appears as if he is leading by his helmet.

But two points...one I don't think there is a rule against leading with the helmet unless it is against the quarterback or viewed as spearing type of play when the guy is on the ground. If the league rules against nugent on this one...there is a problem with the way the league is adjusting the hitting zome. It is football not powderpuff ball.

Now onto another issue....it was sambo who first made the assumption it was wally who urged the review. It is unfortunate that wally has gotten such a bad reputation. But no where have I been able to find that wally has initiated the review. So maybe until we know the personal attacks can stop. For those of you who might think that I am sticking up for wally....I have and will continue to call him whining wally when needed. In this instance, I don't think it has been proven that it was him that requested the review.

RLR you have zero credibility to be calling anyone names in the league or on the board. If you can't post something without slinging crap why not leave? Seriously I doubt any team would like fans that are that nasty - ANY team

That’s an understatement right there…he took two monster hits in this weekend’s game, and came back for more…I’ve never seen a guy take a hit like he can…