Hit 'em in their jeans!!!

The flag thing just wrecks games plain and simple... Yeah pass interference happens...yeah offside happens... What I'm talkin about is blatantly stupid penalties... The CFL should get on board with the PA and fine players who commit more then 20% the average( weighted by position) and redistribute the fines to players who are 20% below the average. If a guy finishes in the top 10% he should lose 5000 dollars of his salary to a guy who finishes in the bottom 10%.. Of course it would be averaged out to how many snaps you played in a season and of course rookies could be givin leeway for their first 4 games.

More education in the off season - discussion as a whole is upcoming to improve the CFL

I’m not even drinking…lmao… It is suppose to say hit em in the jeans… Not hit me…lol… I’ve gotta turn this stupid auto correct off… I turned it on after being ridiculed by the spell nazis …but auto correct is even worse…lol

Fixed that for you...only because it was confusing the hell out of em...I mean me. :slight_smile: