Historys gonna repeat itself!

“The last time the Lions and Eskimos met for a West Division championship was in 1987. The game was played in Vancouver and the Eskimos had defeated the Stampeders to get there. Edmonton won the game in convincing fashion 31-7. They then went on to defeat the Toronto Argonauts in the Grey Cup at B.C. Place Stadium.”

Yup looks about right to me! here’s to a good game lions!



Well, not quite

If history has to repeat itself, the Als will beat you next Sunday, and then lose to you next November in Winnipeg.

Just like it happened in 1977-1978, and 2002-2003.

Well, I hope for this year to be 2002 and next year to be 2001, but with the CO Bombers defeating the Stamps in the GC in the Peg.

ah, the taste of revenge is sweet! but unfortunaly, I'm hallucinating abou the reverse 2001 part. :cry:

KK, you should really stop wishing the Bombers to crossover next year and wish they actually make the playoffs in their own divisions. There’s no glory in going through the backdoor.

I know I'm just itching to see them beat the Stamps in a GC, at least once.