Just watched craziest moments in CFL history and the Bombers have half or even more than half of them thats why we Bomber fans stand by are team cause are history is great.

Fog Bowl, Mud Bowl, Sask/WPG back and forth punting in west final, Stegall last second play, Grey Cup fan trip, Stegall/Malveaux simultaneous catch.

All the Bombers have is history. With a slow-witted HC, an absentee GM & a braindead Board of Directors, they have no future.

We might as well run the old stadium into the ground & fold this once-proud franchise for good :oops:

Nobody is making you watch ! So when things get rough your answer is QUITTING ?

I think BlueFace is auditioning for the roles of housedog and sanjay.

Funny Ploen, I was thinking the same thing. Blueface is constantly negative.