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I site I enjoy just recently moved:


Do you think the potential return of the Rough Riders are the top story in the CFL today?

Yes, a very interesting and informative CFL site! :thup:

Not really...It's too much "potential" and not enough reality.

Great site, thanks. Is there really anything more Canadiana than the Rough Riders? Honestly, how could people with money in Ottawa allow this great franchise to go to the Chens, Gliebermans, a mortal sin. I can't believe that happened, unreal, shame on you Ottawa! And thanks Jeff Hunt et al. locally for understanding the treasure of Ottawa pro football is, thank you very much :thup:

Well, there was Bruce Firestone, mind you. And in fairness, when some of those other owners first appeared, it seemed like a good thing. Horn Chen had a history as a sports team owner, for example.

You should read "Turnover: the Fumbling of the Ottawa Rough Riders". Towards the end, the team's books and finances were such a mess that prospective owners either walked away or bought then bailed when they found out that they didn't buy what they thought they were buying.