HISTORY say's we will be going with MAAS as #1 next year.

In ticat history when the team hires a new head
coach ,that coach takes at least a year to
evaluate his #1 QB before he makes a change.
except with Lancaster who brought along his own QB.
(check the history if you like)
So get use to Maas's on/off day's you have another
year of it. :thdn: :thdn:

I wish he DID have on/off days. All he has had so far is off days with one acceptable day.
I thought his injuries were supposed to have healed and thats why he did OK last week. The injuries may have healed but the same lousy passing that he has displayed all season continues.

That means HISTORY also says he should throw for 5000 yards. Perfect.

What history would that be? One year wonders are more common than a comeback of the magnitude you suggest.

Danny Mac threw for 5000 yards the year Marshall took over, which falls directly into the situation this poster is suggesting.

I don't remember any new coach for the cats
who came in and immediately placed the
starting QB in past history except for

I think Maas will be a backup next year if he remains a Ticat. His inconsistencies make it impossible for any coach, new or old to give him the starter's job.

Too bad the new Coach couldn't come in during this two week break and start the rebuilding process now rather than having another two games with walking cadavers.

I agree with this quote...because when the new
coach comes in next year , this time will be
wasted because the new coach will want to re-evaluate
everyone again, thus the first part of next season
will be a write-off. :thdn:

Or maybe they'll just give the new coach access to the films of this year's games.

Yes we should have some faith in next years staff. It will be tough for anyone to design a successful offence around repeated and plentiful mental breakdowns.

If Charlie Taffe is the coach next season, is he not an Offensive minded coach who might be able to straighten out this Maas-stake and maybe get Maas back to form under a more creative offence?

Yes he is, has been his own co-ordinator and has a "stretch the field" type offence.

Then who will be our starter?

What QBs are available?

And who do you suggest should be the #1; Freakin’ Eakin? We saw how that experiment went. Richie Williams? Oh, the third stringers who complete a few passes are always the obvious choice for the starter job when the chips are down. How about one of the much hyped second and third stringers from around the league…Rocky Butler, Spurgeon Wynn; I remember when he was praised as the next big thing in BC. How about Nealon Greene or should I say it - Marcus Brady? Bring back Danny Mac? There is nobody to replace Maas. He has not performed well this year but nobody has performed well except Corey Holmes and Tay Cody and some of the newcomers. Let’s see what happens when there is a stable organization in place next season. Maas is the #1 for next year - take it to the bank!

Good post. Very good post.

I agree that Maas will be the QB next year but what puzzles me the most about him is his lack of composure. When i see that look in his eyes ( you know the one I'm talking about), it reminds me of the 1993 superbowl. Jim Kelly had a look in his eye early in the third quarter that told me the bills were sunk, and sure enough, they were. The bottom line is, winners find a way to win, and losers find a way to lose. Maas needs to take care of his head first before he will be able to succeed on ANY team. :frowning: :frowning:

coaching is really bad this year. I think the team has the talent. Went to the game last night. Saw no desire for Ticats to win. They need some motivation. Only a good coach can give them that.

I doubt Maas will be back. The team does want to sell tickets after all. What kind of marketing campaign can they run next year with him at the helm.

'Buy a ticket...Maas might be better this year...maybe...we hope'

Freakin Eakin would be a bad choice certainly, but I'd take that have Maas. I don't think Eakin has been given an opportunity this season and that is a shame considering what promise he showed last season and how Maas was by far the worst starting QB not to get replaced during the season that I've ever witnessed