History Repeating Itself?

I'm watching the '86 Grey Cup (God bless ESPN Classic Canada), and they were highlighting the Ti-Cats season...started season 1-5 (0-4, pretty close). The Grey Cup was in Vancouver in '86....Grey Cup is in Vancouver this year. I'm just sayin', makes you think........a coincidence, I think not! :shock:

Hehehe I thought that last year about my Riders. because in 89 the Riders flew into the grey cup in the same way ...under the Radar beating a hughly talented Edm team in the west final. Oh well so much for nostalga
89 Riders versus Cats game still stands to this day as one of, if not the most exicitng grey cups every played.
And I have watched ever grey cup game since 1966

I'd love to see an Eastern Team win the Cup this year. Even if it is the Cats.

Wait a minute, wasnt Daley coaching the green riders that year, the bombers were 0 - 4 to start this season, my god, could it be.

Lets hope :smiley:

GO BOMBERS! - TIME FOR A COMEBACK! :stuck_out_tongue:

John Gregory Was head coach in 89 , but yes I think Daley was defensive coach

oh... well

close enough....

i guess....


History may not repeat itself, but it usually rhymes.

Oh My God!

The Argonauts started the 2004 season with a 2-2 record and they won the Grey Cup. And now, the Alouettes are 2-2... Oh My ! Oh My!.... Could it be?... COULD IT BE?

the argos also lost their qb for about 6 weeks last year. and we had a decent backup to hold us in games. the als better history doesn't repeat itself to much.

NOPE! :lol:

Personally I think Sacremento is going to sneak into the playoffs and surprise teams. David Archer is playing very well!
.... Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry , I got caught in a time warp!!!!!

Riders Rule