History Repeating Itself, Same ole rookie mistakes

This team never plays a complete game. They never learn from the past and like history they repeat themselves.

Blown Coverages, Anderson looked so bad in the first quarter as did the other defensive backs. Gave up yards way to easily and montreal TD's were gift wrapped.

Lack of Effort and Desire. Brock, Armstead, who could be one cut away from a TD as John Madden would say, head to the sidelines and step out of bound. Take a hit you guys.

Defensive Line, jumping offside, no pass rush, don't stay at home, and never connect on ill advised blitzes. This team shows the blitz like it was on a big screen TV

Dropped passes and short routes in the clutch. On a third and ten make sure you get the 10 yards, and come on guys make some catches.

Far too many turnovers by the offense.

Yep the rest of the time they looked not too bad. Officiating was lousey as usual, some against us and some for us. What is the point of reviewing a play when the officials blow it. I thought you needed indisputable evidence to turn over a play.