History making Eskimos

Once again, in all the hoopla surrounding the West Semi-Final, our game was pushed aside.

But how 'bout the win today? We're the first team to successfully cross-over into the Eastern Division. Another feather to stick into our cap.

All credit to Winnipeg. They made it interesting. I think having back-to-back quarters going into the wind really hurt them in this game. If not for the poor conditions, it might have been a lot more interesting than it was.

But it's a big win for us, and we made some history. Now we get to battle Montreal on their turf.

But for now we get to celebrate. Congratulations, Eskimos! :smiley:

You have to remember the previous crossover team was the Priders. They had a hard time getting out of their own way yesterday against the Lions. Looks good on them sitting out the rest of the playoffs. God knows they've had a ton of experience doing that. :rockin:

The score was closer than the game showed. They were lucky with 2 plays

Edmonton Eskimoes....EASTERN Division Champions!

I'm still predicting an "All Alberta Grey Cup!"

You know, a month ago I would have thought you were flat out crazy... but now, we're not actually that far from seeing it. :o

Remember where you heard it first! :lol: :lol:

On team 1040 today Matt Dunigan predicted a Esks win in Mtl on Saturday. For what I'ts worth

I'lll take the endorsement. I'd also take Dunigan for our coach if he'd like to do something football-related other than chew the fat with Schultzy and Jock every weekend.