[b]I've been a Bomber fan for almost sixty years. When I was the age of some of you Indian Jack and Tom Casey, Dick Huffman and Bud Tinsley were my heroes. Then Bud Grant and Neil Armstrong joined them. There are so many great Bombers over the years, and so much success in our franchise that this is simply one more great chapter that will be written in this 95th Grey Cup. Milt and Charles already have chapters of their own in the immense Bomber anthology. Ryan Dinwiddie has a unique opportunity to come from nowhere and be somebody, and judging from his success at Boise State we're on the verge of seeing something special--a story for the Bomber ages. Over the years there were funny things happen, strategic things that have never been followed up by any team, and many wonderful GC wins. Imagine the mayor of Winnipeg returning a kick-off the entire length of the field against the Big Blue. I was there either at the opening of the Wpg Stadium in about '53 or later in the 50's when this slow fat guy in a Blue/Gold game took the opening kickoff and went the distance for a touchdown. The blocking was great, too great, but we didn't know the player until he was announced to the crowd as the Mayor. Steve somebody, I believe. Then how about Charlie Sheppard lined up in his fullback position and quick-kicking from there. His quick kick was an awesome weapon and nobody else has ever employed it.
How about the sadness of Calvin Jones, Heisman lineman of the year, being awakened by Bud Grant after the Shrine All star game and told to get ready for the Bomber plane. "No, I'll ride later on the Roughrider plane," he replied. That plane went down on Mount Slesse and All Star Cal and 7 Roughriders died in the crash.

On a happier note, why don't some of you fellows tell some of your own anecdotes and personl stories with Bomber players? This is the time for us to enjoy any good Bomber stories.

4 Riders actually....4. Still a shame no matter the number.