History for us Americans now Tiger-Cats fans with the Johnny signing...

Hey guys! Greetings from the US, and specifically Texas. We tend to be a little bit of a cavalier crowd and are boisterous with our opinions down here, but we fully embrace being part of a team, culture, and understanding the history of the team and its fans.

With that said, what can you share with us to give us the CFL background, Ti-Cats background, and help us with our ramp to supporting the team this year.

You will find a very loyal following from Texas supporting Johnny, especially Texas A&M fans (who just happen to be known as the 12th Man and about as loyal a following that exists on the planet).

Tell us all about the Tiger-Cats, the name, the history, and what is to love about this team, this location, and maybe some pointers on visiting for a game. I'm CERTAIN I will make at least a game this season if Johnny plays.

I'm glad you're interested, but there is lots of info readily available online.

Ticat info and History:

CFL info and History:

This may shock you... the CFL is older than the NFL.

You can read about the current state of the other teams by clicking on the CFL Forums heading in the top bar. This is the most active forum though.

There are American players on every team, some you may know and want to follow.

During WW2, Hamilton served as a Royal Air Force training base. The 119th Tiger Squadron based here, was named after the team. Though it's no longer called such, the squadron still exists as 424 Search and Rescue out of Trenton AFB

Hmmm.... you may want to change your language a bit from now on. Up here it's known as The 13th Man! (for example...http://www.13thman.com/).

And the most famous 13th man incident of them all......

As the 2009 Grey Cup is decided because Saskatchewan couldn't count!!!!
Afterwards some people began calling Rider (short for Roughriders) fans the 14th man.

Hamilton Tiger Cats . Not sure but I think they are still undefeated against the AFL later a NFL team . :wink:

The last team to play against an all US team of AFL/NFL calibre and they won playing one set of rules one half and the other the second . They beat the Buffalo Bills and I think they had Cookie Gilchrist an ex CFLer star ; so they should have won . Had a great career .

I think winning hurt the image of the AFL and you can't have that so no more games for you .

A Hamilton Football team has won championships in every decade in the last century only the Rochester RedWings in Triple A have done it in North America .

Just as a side note the US has a football factory we can't even consider matching but you produce so many guys under valued for a NFL career we get them and are able to hold on to them .

As a fan of both leagues I can honestly say you missed out on Nik Lewis's career (not a Cat ) he could have played in the NFL without a doubt . So many guys that just don't fit into the numbers game down there but because of the football factory you produce we are able to recycle and get a lot of bang for our buck .

Welcome aboard to the CFL which can be a little wild and unpredictable . Just hope you don't see any of the once in awhile doggy penalty games that prop up and judge it on that . It happens and were trying to stop it but it just keeps happening once in awhile .

Enjoy your stay when you visit .

Here are a few sites you might enjoy:

From the Canadian Encyclopedia

From the Alumni Association

About the Grey Cup

Origins of the game(s)

Interesting stuff, especially about the McGill- Harvard game in 1874. Note that the field at Harvard was smaller, and became the standard in the US.

American football switched to 4 downs early in the 20th century, to try to reduce serious injury.

Welcome! Just google It , as there is lots of History of this team and League! And it would be a huge post! If I answered your questions!!

The current home stadium is just a few years old, but was built on the site of the previous stadium, which was demolished after the 2012 season.

The following "Farewell to the old stadium" video provides a bit of an introduction to the city and the history of the team:

Essential for any aspiring Ticat fan, it's a little dated now but still relevant. Ask anyone on the forum if you have questions.

Our must-know chant. This is from opening day of our new stadium and the upper stands weren't saftied yet. That's why they're empty

If you want to watch an amazing video of the cfl called this is our league click on this:

A great quote by John Saunders in at the 8 minute mark of this video. "none of that sissy fair catch stuff"

Even has the now mandatory Steve tasker reference

What the OP might also want to know is that Doug Flutie is on record as saying that when he first came to the CFL it took him half a season until he was comfortable with the nuances of the CFL game. So expect something similar with Johnny Manziel.

The Craziest Moments in CFL history

I still laugh hard at #1

I definitely will be comparing JFF’s stats to those of Flutie..... based on a number of factors, a big one being June Jones, I’m betting JFF will do better statistically.