History buffs

Anyone know what year the regular schedule changed from 16 to 18 games. For that matter when were any other changes in number of regular season games made? Any websites I could consult about this?


Prior to 1953, the league played a 12-game season. They went to a 14-game season in 1953, then to a 16-game schedule in 1974, and adopted the current 18-game format in 1986.

For many years, the number games a team played in its schedule was based upon how many teams were in its division. For many years, the west teams would play 16 games whereas the east teams would play 14.

Thanks for the info' Big Dave and Zartan.


Back when there was hud=ge diffenrences in the rules in the East and West.

I'd like to add that the cross over wasn't started untill 1995, when Winnipeg took Memphis's place in the playoffs, the frist CO.

Teams used to also play 4 pre-season games if I recall correctly. I think that changed when the league went to 18 regular season games. Big Dave help me on this one? :?:

:D There used to be 4 "official" exhibition games indeed. In fact, some of the teams (if not all) used to run a pre-season intersquad game. That was in the days when training camps had 70-80 guys come out. Winnipeg had the Blue-Gold game. So a lot of teams played 5 exhibitions.