Historically low average total points per game this season

You forgot to say Popgun and braintrust. You're slipping. LOL

OK. I see. Why would those numbers be different? Geez.

Stats are prob not up to date

COVID Football. But I'll take it. I'm grateful to the owners and the players for what they put themselves through to give us a season.

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OMG.. doesn't that figure !!! 1686/ 39games = 43.23 avg. Sorry fellows. @HfxTC I am too. I'm a season ticket holder and have watched every game on TV. Not posting all this to be ungrateful. I'm pointing out the low scoring and I'm not fond of it. COVID football or not.


Amazingly, Matt Nichols and his popgun offence was actually an “upgrade” at QB for the Bombers.

Remember The Three Stooges - - Al Brink, Joke Elliott and Justin Doltz - - in Winnipeg?

And who could ever forget Max Hall, Justin Boltus and Bobby Marve?

You know you’ve had it bad when...


I remember Murphy's nephew


right, duhh, sigh

Looking at this list, not many stayed very long in wpg

Winnipeg Blue Bombers All-Time Roster | The Football Database (footballdb.com)

Because they are no longer interested in playing, they have earned millions and do not need more... And how to please the fans?! Egoists!

Hate to say it but the overall level of play is a lot worst this year. Simple completions and defence are poorly executed. That I believe is caused by the year off.
I trust it will improve.
Still think that the year off was the WORST decision by the CFL in many years.

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That’ll be the legacy of Randy Bobandy.

Along with his ridiculous scarves in the middle of summer.

If you look at the stats package from the previous seasons it's been dropping for years.

NFL did a study and found a correlation between scoring and attendance. Probably viewers also.

Things that could up scoring might be the 100 yard field and moving the hash marks to lineup with the goal posts, then there will be a lot of open field for plays. Also remove the 3 minute warning in the first half and replace it with 5 minute warning at the end of the game where the stop time matters, also give one challenge and no time outs in the last 5 minutes - all of it to increase suspense and possibly scoring. There is a desperation to the CFL that the rules help create, anyways some ideas to increase scoring and not taking away from the game, maybe adding to the suspense.

There are three things that stand out to me looking at numbers:

  1. Dominant Defence by Winnipeg is limiting opponents to less than 10 points a game regularly.
  2. The elks and the Red Blacks with the exception of a couple games, have had trouble scoring more than the odd field goal and a few touchdowns in the last couple minutes of a game.
  3. Low scoring in the first three weeks by almost everyone. It was an in season preseason. We would have been better to have two preseason and a 14 game season.

I don't agree with gimmicks like those.

As pointed out earlier in this chat, scoring has been trending down for years. In the 90s the CFL fans use to mock the NFL for their low scoring games. Not so much now.
It is imperative to increase scoring to increase the entertainment value (especially to younger fans); been feeling sorry for RBs wood cutters- as their chain saw is rusting away - but I digress.
Scoring simply adds excitement. Need to be over 50 points a game.
We simply need more entertainment or this league will die. Already on life support in BC, Toronto & Montreal (to a lesser degree). Ottawa fans may start to stay away...if losing ways continues...
Got to be relevant to young folks...and maybe league can target more diversity groups like NBA & MLS does...