Historic Ticat Rousters

Help Needed:
I have a football autographed by the entire Tigercat team however I do not know the year. Is there a cite where historic team rousters are available? Regards, Phil

That isn't easy to find. I do not believe any site exists with historical yearly rosters laid out like that.

Why don't you name 10 players from that football and let our crack team of armchair Cat historians go at it? :wink: That should work!

P.S. I have the 1978 team's autographs on a football. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

maybe rosters but i'm not sure about rousters.

Good suggestion. One quick way to narrow it down would be to figure out which quarterbacks' autographs are on it. That places it in an overall era where it should be easier for folks to narrow down from.

There's actually a wikipedia article with a list of Ticat starting quarterbacks, so that's one place to start:


List copied here:
Heath • Lakes • Mackrides • Songin • Garrigus • Knox • Curcillo • Faloney • Zuger • Ealey • Jonas • McMillan • Keeling • Jones • Clements • Brock • Hobart • Kerrigan • Porras • Kerrigan • Allen • McPherson • Dillon • Rosenbach • Slack • Taylor • Calvillo • Kerrigan • Dunigan • Calvillo • Foggie • McManus • Jones • Brady • Eakin • Maas • Chang • Printers • Williams • Printers • Porter

I assume this football is smaller than a breadbox.

But is a football considered animal, vegetable, or mineral? I guess the pigskin aspect would make it count as animal? :wink:

What? No Dave Marler? Went to the '80 Grey Cup.

Good call. I only did a copy and paste of the list, I can't vouch for its overall accuracy or completeness. Marler was before my time, so thanks for bringing him up. :smiley:

Anyone else have any names of starting Ticat QBs who belong on that list?

Billy Dicken,2000. I am trying to blot out THat memory. Damn!

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Frank Cosentino
Wally Gabler in 1972 -- started the season before being traded.
Rick Cassata in 1976 -- may have started a game if I recall correctly.

Larry Jusdanis started a game in '96.
And Jeff Tedford started the first few games of '85 before Hobart took over.

Eros Sanchez- 93
Marvin Graves, Marquel Fleetwood- 97.

This list must include one of the best.... Bernie Custis


So zapapa, fire away!



8) I believe they are talking about QB's that started one or more games in their career with the Cats !!
  While I know that John Manel came on in relief of Joe Zuger on a few occassions, I don't ever remember him starting a game at QB.

Technically right
but I think hes worthy of an honourable mention for one reason: which surely places him over Timmy Chang and quite a number of less than notables

after Joe Zuger went down early with a shoulder injury in a must-win against the Argos in the 1971 season finale, unknown QB John Manel went from John Who to Sir John.

Manel’s one-yard TD plunge in the second half - courtesy of a multiple-play drive - preceded TD interception returns by Garney Henley and Al Brenner and gave the Tabbies a play-off berth.


um... Frank Cosentino

Matt Dunigan...

Wally Gabler ...


Columbo mode, once engaged in me, needs to wrapped up, roll the credits, and done! :wink:

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