Historic night at SkyDome

What was in deal with the smoke? That was stupid, and likly cst the Al's the game IMO.

IMO you’re crazy.


Me, of cousre!

I agree! The smoke wasn't even at field level!

How would it have cost the Als' the game.

I'll just assume you were kidding. :wink:

kind of was, Al's also shot themselves in the foot, but the smoke made it very hard to see anything in the game at times (passes and kicks went up and disappeared), I can't imagine how it must have been like for the fans trying to breath, and it must have been worse for the players.

and who in their right mind is going to let off fireworks and stuff in a CLOSED dome?

i am quite certain winnipeggers would rather go to the playoff game and grey cup game than to only one of them. just a thought.

your right, consents are so 1997.

anyone catch the guys on the jumbo-tron with the winnipeg jets jerseys and the sign that said: bring back the jets.

then the crowd cheered them...hahaha

YEah that was beautiful!

Bring back the Jets!

The Argos seem to have the best shut down defense in the league when everybody is healthy. However, its like the trap in hockey, its effective but makes for a boring game.
The Toronto Star had an article in their paper asking "who let the air out of the CFL" as the scoring is down this year. I guess injured No. 1 QB's and the rules committee would be the most logical answer. One of the most aggravating things in football is to see a kick return called back because a referee can't make a judgement call on the new illegal block calls. All the defending player has to do now is turn his side or back to the blocker and its an automatic flag. They might as well go back to the old no blocking punt returns.