Hire Marc Trestman

Hire Marc Trestman. Do it now, let him evaluate the team for next year. This year is done.

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Why not McManus?

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how about hire someone new and younger to bring a fresh perspective instead of rehashing old guys. also what makes you think Trestman would want to even consider coaching in sask?

He's the best bet out there at this time IMO.

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I would go with him

with that quick release he had .

But he is way too old now . :grinning:


Changes I would like to see:
HC - Khari Jones or Buck Pierce or Mark Kilam - Khari should not have been released by MTL. The munchkin GM just wanted to be a HC again. I think Pierce is ready to make the jump to HC as is Mark Kilam from the Stampeders. Kilam has been asssistant HC and ST for quite a while, apprenticing with Huf and D Dickenson.
OC - Paul LaPolice. He is not a head coach candidate but is an EXCELLENT OC.
DC - stick with Shivers
ST and other positional coaches, I am not certain.


I want to see a new o-line coach!! And yah it's time for Maas to go!! dumb play calling!!

I mean Maciocia is 6-4 since he took the HC job and Jones was 1-3 and 2-7 in his last 9 games and we where seeing the same mistakes games after game. Firing him was the good thing to do.

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I predict no major changes as O'Day and Dickenson are both under contract.

Fajardo opts to go to Hamilton as his feelings are way too hurt in Sask.

Sask tries to land Bo but ends up with Arbuckle.

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I can see that happening.

No one will came here behind that o-line, they would be crazy to after watching Cody get pummelled game after game.


Marc is a winner as we all know as a coach. We tried the new HC approach with Dickensen and that didn’t work. Major gamble to hire someone who has never been a HC before.


Well trestman would be great, but would he come, that is the question. As gm or coach. Or both him and pop.

Why? Trestman is 66 years old and is a law professor in a Florida college. I think he is fine where he is now. Trestman probably doesn't need the stress of coaching in his advance age


Not Popp. There are better options out there.

I agree with the statement...I thought that Nick Saban (Alabama) could handle it at 70 and Tennessee loss showed he is getting very tired...stress levels is very high!

Please DON'T hire McManus you downtrodden Green and Whites. He's the guy who found all our talent south of the border and made us the power house we are now. Besides... he bleeds blue and hates fertilizer.

Along with Mathews, he’s my favourite Als coach.
If you guys can lure him, do it.

I think we need his experience and leadership. 66 isn’t super old and he’s likely in great shape. Doing something you love keeps you young. Instead of his age, are you thinking he couldn’t or wouldn’t do a great job? Cause that’s really what it is about.

Frankly didn’t think of that. Would he do it even?