Hire Less Browne

Here is an article written prior to the 2004 season,
when Less was a defensive assistant coach in Winnpeg.

Snubs burn Browne

By PAUL FRIESEN -- Winnipeg Sun

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"My master plan was to learn all three phases of the defence,"
Browne said yesterday from his home in Hamilton.

"I want to be the best defensive co-ordinator out there,
like I was the best defensive back out there."

The problem is, nobody's given him the chance.

After what happened this past off-season,
you wonder if anybody ever will.

Three defensive co-ordinator jobs opened up,
in Calgary, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Three times, Browne was overlooked.

"When I saw all the talk about
all these coaches in the off-season,

and this defensive co-ordinator
being looked at for this position,

oh yeah, I got very frustrated,"

Browne said. "I take it personally."

'For the previous five seasons, Less
coached the Bomber linebackers,

one of the better units on one of
the better defences in the league.

Less was a Hall of Fame defensive back.

Maybe he misses coaching enough to
to take another shot as an assistant
here in his home town of Hamilton.


Records as a player

Most Interceptions # Player Team(s)

  1. 87 Less Browne Three
  2. 66 Larry Highbaugh Edmonton

Most Interceptions, One Season # Player Team(s)

  1. 15 Al Brenner Hamilton
  2. 14 Less Browne Winnipeg

Most Interceptions, One Game # Player Team(s)

  1. 5 Rod Hill Winnipeg
  2. 4 Don Sutherin Hamilton
  3. 4 Art Johnson Toronto
  4. 4 Peter Ribbins Winnipeg
  5. 4 Al Brenner Hamilton
  6. 4 Chris Sigler Ottawa
  7. 4 Less Browne Hamilton
  8. 4 Terry Irvin Montreal

Yep, Ron, looks like we are DEFINITELY back on the SAME wave length ... Les is the kind of NEW/YOUNG BLOOD this league needs in the Coaching Ranks ... I SECOND this EMOTION !


Almost four years ago.

Why no bites?

Gotta be a reason. What do the insiders know that we don't?

With commnets like:


...I was the best defensive back out there."




"I take it personally."


Don't need him.

Saw him working for the city at Kings Forest back in the summer. Man the guy has pipes on him, I think he could still play. My wife thought he was very attractive. We had a great chat. I can see why he was called a ladies man!

HOT-HEAD.....Big time

Too much of a distraction

We talked to Less about this at the '86 20 year anniversary dinner. Kavis was the DC at the time. Less would love the job and I think he'd be great at it. He talked about getting back to basics with tackling being the starting focus because if you can't even tackle you're in big trouble. I'd welcome Less as a member of our coaching staff.

Browne was a great DB, but that doesn't mean he is a great coach.

what he did off the field was the beginning of the end of any coaching career. he now works for the parks dept,and coaches minor football.

He was my number one choice for DC. I think he would be great working with Creehan as secondary coach.

Hopefully we will know soon 1) the status of Taaffe FOR SURE and b) what the other defence hire will be.

Oski Wee Wee,

I believe Les would be a wonderful coach. :thup:

:thup: :thup:

tackling, back to basics, gotta love that. I too have spoken with Less about it and think he'd be a good hire for the team.

wonder how the referee on the receiving end feels about second chances

Many of us on this site have stated that Less Browne was our #1 pick for DC for the past few months, although, I am also happy with our new acquisition.

I wasn't aware that Less was living here right under our noses until now. It would be great to see him on our staff in some capacity.

I find it hard to believe that he has been ignored by three teams in view of his great success in Winnipeg.

He might be the only guy left who will come to Hamilton.

Wasn't Less Browne on Dave Ritchies Staff in Winnipeg?