Hire Kent Austin

Just an idea, hire him as a qb and receiver coach. We are going to be playing the argos 3 more times, we need these to be wins. Being him in to help out and give some insight. Just an idea please comment.

Austin I'm sure has head coaching aspirations and as far as I'm concerned, Stubler & Austin really are the head coaches of that team. I don't see Pinball as much more than a motivator.

Now with that said, having him come here for some extra coin as an assistant for 2006 with the incentive of possibly being our head coach in 2007 could prove to be a great move especially considering that yes, the Argos make-up 3 of the remaining 10 contests.

Hey Danno,

I don't think that I would upset the apple cart right now. We have quality coaches here now, we just have to execute the plays. Hopefully with Ranek finally healthy, and the O line stepping up, we can turn the corner. :cowboy:

Yeah, we don't want to disrupt that big bad one game winning streak we have going.

We do need a q.b coach badly, Eakin needs someone to go over film with him to show him the numerous flaws to his game, and Richie Williams seems to have poor mechanics. Start Austin at q.b coach for now then promote him to o.c after the season. It's too late in the year for everyone to learn a new playbook.

Then hire Pat Quinn.


I doubt Austin would take the demotion, when other teams out there are or will be soon looking for OCs (ex. Edmonton). He was highly regarded by most of the league less than a year ago, and I think he knows that there's OC positions available for him, if he waits. Considering he has a contract through to 2007 for which he will be paid (or at worst, bought out for a nice chunk of change), time is on Austin's side. Don't expect to seem him in Hamilton unless you want him as the OC or HC.

Yeah, that's right drexl, we're on a one game winning streak. But lets remember we lost three games by less than three points and Ranek is now healthy for the first time this season.
I'm not saying that Austin isn't a quality coach and he's obviously the fall guy in T.O. But to bring him in now might upset a few people. We're in the process of looking for a long term head coach and I'm sure Austin will be considered.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

Re-Hire Kent Austin NO Dont

Some good points being made here.

I'm for inviting him on board as the QB/Receiver Coach, as there's plainly a "hole" there (hey, the worst that can happen is he says "No"!)

Get "flexible" on the conditions and terms, so that, say, someone offers him an OC or HC position (ie before we do)and the option of getting paid in some future year (if he likes) so he doesn't get killed on the taxes of doubled up salary packages.

Whereas other teams "MAY" be looking for new OC's or HC's in the next year or two, Hamilton IS looking for a new HC; the best candidate is the OC, and Joe might want to retire, so its not a bad prospect.

As someone pointed out, Austin could offer Eakin a lot, as Eakin has enormous potential, and its plain that any team must have a fully viable backup QB available at the drop of a hat. If anyone could get our receivers and QB's on the same page, Kent could.

Its well worth the phone call, if Mr Katz is listening...

austin takes credit for what damen allen has done as an argo, ? B S?IMO Austin would only mess with Eakins confidence

Hey some good points for and against his hiring. The way i see it he's the type of guy who would come here if called (his pissed off). We have to pull out all the stops at this point of the season. Kevin and Richie can really benefit from his knowledge, not to mention that this move if it happens would help Joe and the Offence.

I see him as someone who could for 2006:

  • Shore up our offensive staff as a QB & recievers coach.
  • Provide in-depth insight to Toronto's tactics, personel, strength & weaknesses for the 3 crucial games we still have with them.

For 2007:

A credible candidate to fill the void at HC or possible void at OC should Paopao persue & retain the head position.

I don't quite see it happening because of his financial stability for the next 2 years. He'll most definitely take his time & take the best offer possible considering the many interviews & offers that will be cast his way between now & the new year.

I'm sure however that Rob Katz will atleast entertain Austin with the idea possibly giving him the incentive of having one of the co-ordinator or head coaching positions for next year. On the other hand making such an offer would definitely limit the Cats' options in that regard for 2007.