Hire Colin Kaepernick? Fire the coaching staff!

And please get rid of Kavis Reed, Anthony Calvillo.
A head coach with some experience please, and some youthful talent. Time to start building from the ground up, with an eye to something other than pocket passing. We should have stuck with McPherson, or Cato.
Durant was a terrible idea. Sounds like Kaepernick could use the work these days. Has anyone approached him?
I am very disappointed by the fire-sale of many of our best players: Woods, Green, Lavoie, etc etc. and for THIS ?!
It is VERY difficult to be an Als fan for the last number of years.

Not sure about the Kaepernick thing. But I think you represent the majority of fans who just are no longer having any fun following this team.

Looking at the roster, for the rest of this season there is nobody over 28 that I really want to watch as (even if things are done right, well and relatively quickly) most won’t be here when the team gets good again.

That's why Kavis should be making trades. Allow some of these vets who haven't seen post season in years to get one last shot.

That's the nice way to phrase it, as an Als fan I would say get whatever draft picks or young assets you can; the vets in post-season is icing on the cake IMO.

For the past two games I turned the TV of at half time. I never did this before as I am addicted to the Als. The team'QB Durant is over the hill. I would like to see the young QBs play the closing games. I stay tuned should the Als do this and, also test out candidates for other positions also. I have some agreement with Richard that the owners have generally been very supportive of the team. Financially this is very true. I did not agree with the firing of Chapdelaine. He did bring winning ways to the team ate last season but, Kavis did not give hm the players needed for 2017.

Cats win over the Bombers. They are now 4-2 since the change in HC and at QB. And officially out of last place leaving the beloved Als in that position right now.

Als are behind a team that started 0-8. "The Great Kazoo" was a disaster... Wow!

Another ex Al had a pretty good game today, Brandon Bridge leading the Riders to victory over the Argos.
292 yards passing.

Bridge is the one Popp tried to force to the PR after trading for Adams.

Glass half empty or half full?

Kaepernick is trying hard to get back in the NFL. All the doors are shut.

Will he change his mind about the CFL?


As with BB's other big game this year, watching the highlights all the big plays are to his first read, his head never seems to move. That gives me pause in giving too much credit; even Cr0ompton looked good if he didn't need to make a second/third/fourth read.

Yes GHT too noticed that Bridge was not doing much in the manner of reading the receivers field and, he was looking mainly at his chosen receiver with his eyes on that player completely. How ever, we should now admit,as the TSN panel did that Bridge is in the process of playing well enough to be on par with other first strings QBs. The Regina coaches have been successful in in coaching him to such a level. When the NFL scouts assessed him they predicted that he would be enabled to play at a high level QB if he received additional coaching and development. It now appears Bridge has done this and, is now playing at a much improved level. But,the Als management wanted him to move to a practice.We lost two promising QBs to Regina.

One could argue first read or not, as good as DD and not making the same money.

Given what we agree on ... that speaks ill of the CFL's 1st string QBs.

I find the TSN Panel goes very positive or very negative, so I take all they say with a (large) grain of salt.

BB clearly has all the physical tools you can ask for, and given what happened with Cato (nobody even wanted a look??) and Adams, BB is reinforcing Jim Popp's rep for not being able to find/pick QBs as JP clearly let the wrong one go. How good BB can be, well only time will tell.Popp reinforced his

DD as a comparison is setting a very low bar to get over.

I was one of those who was suckered into believing DD would be the best QB the Als would have had seen since AC and a legit (but not elite) starter. Not one who feels that the Als have lost a lot (except time) in letting Cato go and trading Adams ... but WHOEVER is GM this winter must address the QB spot (like what little we have seen of Shiltz).

Excellent regard sur ce désastre.

Mais cette fois, ce sont clairement les proprios qui l'ont provoqué en ne choisissant pas le nouveau DG selon des critères sensés. Ils ne peuvent plus se rabattre sur Popp pour porter le chapeau ou nettoyer leurs écuries. Et s'ils persistent dans cette voie insensée, ils ne pourront jamais trouver preneur pour l'équipe même s'ils voulaient la vendre.

The TiCats Masoli will be eligible for free agency next year. The TiCat coach June Jones gave Masoli THE QB position after the team lost 8 straight losses. I was never a Masoli fan but, he did respond well to the
opportunity and almost got the TiCats into a play off position. He will be a free agent next season. Would anyone be tempted to think he might be potentially useful for the Als team?

It would be highly unlikely the Cats will let Masoli get away. Similarly the Redblacks will not let free agent Harris get away.

As for the other potential free agent QBs Im aware of, we wont mention Lulay, Ray and Glenn or Als Pal will have a heart attack.

That leaves Franklin and Bridge. Plus Collaros who most likely will be released by the Cats.

Much has been made of Chris Jones making a big play for Franklin, so where would that leave Bridge?

I remain concerned about Bridge until he shows that he can make his progressions/reads, regularly under pressure. He has had some great games but his highlights this season have been one receiver, tunnel-vision plays.