Hip Concert was amazing

Thank you Mr. Young for bringing the Hip to Ivor Wynne, it was an amazing night and the perfect send off to the stadium.

thanks also caretaker, and we in this town should be thankful the caretaker is here

I know that there have been ups and downs (more downs) on the football operations side but we are still hopeful that turns around

the caretaker is the best thing this once proud city has had happen to it in a long time

if perhaps a somewhat disappointed football fan base can stay optimistic, and if (this is a stretch) our city fathes can turn the stadium re-build into a unified positive step and make it a galvanizing step for other positive improvements to the city, the future in the Hammer will once again be bright.

More cowbell !!

THANKS BOB!! What an Amazing Night that I will never forget !! :thup: :thup:


[url=http://www.thespec.com/whatson/article/813557--the-night-was-chilly-but-the-hip-were-hot]http://www.thespec.com/whatson/article/ ... p-were-hot[/url]

A Hip fan since the late 80s, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The band was on and are improving with age.

That said, I understand why it has been 33 years since a concert at the venue. There was damage to seating, vomit on the concourse and more dope than a Queens Of The Stone Age show. Seemed like a bit of a free-for-all.

My thanks to the team for bringing the Hip to town. Hopefully next time we'll enjoy the show with less hiccups.


Wish I was there but had to make a choice, have seasons and tickets for Grey Cup and Grey Cup costs, something had to give and this show was out since I've seen Sam Roberts, love him, and will eventually see the Hip live. Man, I wish I had more money. :expressionless:

CBC interviews Gordon Downie from The Hip, Oct, 7th on The National.


2nd last segment, click around the 31:00 minute mark

very interesting interview

The concert was almost as entertaining as the "Tragically Sick" display in Edmonton.

It was amazing to see this and be a part of History! Thanks to all that made this possible.
Here is a video I made, hope you enjoy! :rockin:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zuQOiQZpX8&list=UUUht8p02RPn8nCAcdy39sbw&index=3&feature=plcp]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zuQOiQZ ... ature=plcp[/url]