Hinds could miss 2-3 weeks

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Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but this is not good news.

Wow, this is a huge loss. Not only is he Canadian, but he's the best player in our already weak secondary. :frowning:

Milton's column in the spec today says we might see Rwabukamba back in there.

Will this defensive backfield ever come together, there's always something. :frowning:

I have been wanting to see Chris Rwabukamba basically all season. So I hope he gets the chance.

Really can't be any worse than what we have already back there.

The Team is really going to be under the gun to play with the ratio with Hinds out.
The Milt Collins trade is definately timely although he is an import.

Steve Milton's story captures some of the scenarios that could happen on the personnel front.

[b]And it underscores the necessity of Monday’s trade with the Calgary Stampeders to obtain import defensive back Milt Collins.

That deal likely was done, or at least conceptualized, before Hinds went down, but now Collins will probably jump directly into the safety hole. Although they won’t describe it this way, the original thought in obtaining Collins was probably to use him at wide-side defensive halfback. The Cats having been getting burned on the inside seams.

If a guy had to put money down, he’d bet the Cats will face the Argos with five Americans across the secondary: Carlos Thomas and Marcell Young at half, Loyce Means and Bo Smith at the corners and Collins in the middle.

Those who can count as high as one recognize this leaves the Cats with one fewer Canadian in the starting rotation, reducing them to the minimum seven: three offensive linemen, two receivers and two interior defensive linemen. Glenn McKay replaces Carter straight up at wide receiver.

But, when the Ticats go to just three men on the defensive line in passing situations, which are numerous, they aren’t going to send either Stevie Baggs or Justin Hickman to the bench, so it will be one of the two Canadian defensive linemen who is replaced. That will leave them one short of the ratio.

So, the extra pass defender who comes in will have to be a Canadian. That could be Michael Carter or rookie-with-a-bullet Chris Rwabukamba who backs up Hinds at corner and could be in the front-line mix next year. The other possibility is that Mariuz comes in as an extra linebacker, with pass responsibilities but, in his first game back, that would be very much a long shot.

Some of the required Canadian content can be absorbed on offence, by going with two Canadian tight ends, Darcy Brown and Augie Barrenechea, and receiver Dave Stala. But that won’t happen very often.

It’ll be an interesting week, sorting out the numbers.[/b]

Ouch. Get well soon Ryan Hinds. At least we're not playing a strong passing team on Saturday.

Now that I think about it, this situation seems similar to what happened last year. Injuries forced the young Canadian corner (Ryan Hinds) into action earlier than the coaches had anticipated and he came in and played great. Maybe we'll see the same thing with C-Rwab.

Yes, was.reading the Milton article. Not good. Hinds will be missed for sure.