Hind sight coaching poll

Now that Hamilton is the last teams of four (Hamilton, Toronto, Saskatchewan, B.C.) in the CFL to hire a HC, looking back (with 20/20 hindsight) which team ended up with the best HC prospect?

Was it wise to wait, or should have Hamilton snapped someone up before another team nabbed them?

Since we couldn't get Cortez until recently, we had to wait. He seemed to be the best man for the job, so I'd say it was worth it. However, if we had been after anyone else it would probably been better to get them right away.

To me, the whole process took too long, but as it turned out, we ended up with Cortez who has a lot of
coaching experience on his resume. I continue to feel that Obie would have been well advised in this crooked
world of cheaters, (which Toronto has subscribed to for years) to go after Scott Milanovich, I'd guess for less
money, and thereby, end up with the best candidate. My opinion only.

Cortez also comes to us with imprerssive credentials so I would hope he can mould us into a Grey Cup winner. :thup:

I see that a Google[bot] was browsing the forums and picked shoulda stuck with Bellefeuille. :slight_smile:

Hmmm…after Cortez I think the google[bot] answer would be my 2nd or 3rd choice. :o

George Cortez. Obie says he was hired right on schedule.

If he hires Mike Roach as his Defensive co-ordinator and

an offensive position coach or co-ordinator is still available

who has experience with George and his Offensive philosophy,

to hire as his Offensive Co-ordinator, they would be a better fit

than some of the coaches the other teams picked ahead of us.

I think the wait for Cortez will prove worthwhile. Of all the co-ordinators recently promoted (Chamblin, Benevides, Milanovitch), Cortez is the most experienced of the bunch.

Not sure Roach is still on BC's staff ... I don't see his name listed there?

Kirk posted this link in another thread but Roach seems to have been replaced by another D-Line coach. Maybe he has indeed left to join Cortez.


Interesting piece of news. Good find, Cap'n.

8) Mike Roach has not been with the Lions for the past 3 seasons now.
    Roach originally joined the Lions in 1992, as their Def. Coord. and Linebacker Coach, under  then Head Coach 
     Bob O'Billovich.
     He left BC a couple of times, but returned in 2005 as their DL Coach, where he remained for 4 years !!

      From what I can find out, Mike Roach has been out of football coaching since that time !!

Roach left the Lions in January 2010

[url=http://www.bclionsden.ca/blog/2010/01/11/mike-roach-not-returning-as-defensive-line-coach/]http://www.bclionsden.ca/blog/2010/01/1 ... ine-coach/[/url]

I realized that and corrected my mistake while I could still edit my post, deiz.

As the Cap'n said...Mike Roach may not have been coaching last year.

If we go "old school...what about Jim Daley....he seems to be out of football, too.

Now somebody is going to suggest one of their contemporaries...guess who.

Hint: Winnipeg Blue Bombers..ended career in B.C...SURVEY SAYS......!

Ask me on November 26th. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Seems a little early to be having a "hind sight poll"
What if I pick Cortez, and we go 2 and 16? Then in hind sight I guess he would have bean the wrong one to pick. :smiley:

If we go 2-16 with Cortez, then it will be time to get a new hobby. :lol:

8) Mike Roach left the Lions in Nov. 09, as I reported in a above post !!
  He hasn't been coaching since then.

  Ron,  you say Jim Daley....Thanks, but NO Thanks !!  Please NO.

   Survey says.....Dave Ritchie.   Dave is happily retired, and is almost 74 now.

My only hindsight concern is that I was extremely happy when we signed Taafe thinking he was "the answer" and then was glad that they promoted Marcel thinking he was "the answer". I now think that Cortez is "the answer". Hopefully the above Mike jinx will be worn out and this is the best move since we brought in Jerry Williams in 1972. (insert the sound of Mike crossing his fingers, toes, etc.).


Bringing in Al Bruno worked out pretty well too. Same with Ron Lancaster. Other than those two and Jerry Williams, there haven't been many really good ones since Ralph Sazio. Marcel B. was actually more successful than just about all of the others in that long period.

I guess I thought of Williams due to the fact that he, like Cortez, coached in Cow Town. :thup: