Himelach to the Argos again as O Line Coach

The last I heard of this guy he was leaving to be closer to his family. I thought he left to be a Head Coach but his bio says he was O Line Coach at UNLA.
Maybe he can get more out of the current Argo O Line cast. Don't know about that. Good players make good coaches most of the time, not the other way around.

OL bothers me not just on the Argos but every CFL team.

Good performance by the Offensive Line. Must be the Coaching. ;)With Watman 6 gamed I hope one of the 5 starters don't go down. Maybe it's time to bring Brandon Washington back on the game day roster. One of the Canadian kids (Williams, Noel or Jones) could replace Worthy or Fuller without much of a drop off in the offensive performance I would think.

Himebauch is a damn good offensive line coach, IMO the best the CFL has seen within the last decade, every team he coaches seems to get the most out of their offensive line. I also tend to think that Himebauch has Head Coach written all over, hopefully he actually sticks around the CFL this time.

I don't think it is a coincident that the Argo offensive line play seems to be much better since Himelach arrived. Didn't hurt that he installed Washington at right guard either, which seemed to be a weak spot early in the season. Now that some holes are being opened for Wilder, all of a sudden Ricky Ray isn't getting pummeled every game now.

Definitely the line has played a lot better this year and Ray isn't getting sacked every other play like last season. Ray and the line playing much better this year but the surprising thing is that they are only ONE win better than last year.

One win? Last year they struggled to win 5 games. This year at 8 going for 9.

I'm still trying to figure out who "Himelach" is ?

I hear he also answers to Himebauch. :wink:

You're such a stickler. :stuck_out_tongue: