Hill nowhere to be found

hmm looks like hills keeping his options open, or just doesnt want to be back as a cat. woodards back now but hill hasnt even spoken to the tiger-cats yet since being waived.

"But the word wasn't as promising with respect to former Cat receiver Khalil Hill, who was cut last week by Jacksonsville. As of yesterday morning, Lancaster said he had no idea where the receiver was or when he would be showing up on Balsam Avenue North. As a result, Lancaster said there was no chance Hill would be in the Cats' lineup for the Riders' rematch."

thats gatta be the worst news for ticat fans. i was hopping he would come rite back and sign a nice big contract for at least a few years. :frowning:

Is there still a chance that Hill could get a look from another NFL team ?
Could explain why he's not in hurry to come here.

Thats a very good point Makavelli, no use bringing him in for one year and an option,then he's gone next year after just being here half a year again....

my money is that he is still looking around for an NFL team...he will be back...eventually...I hope

can he still shop himself around? i thought after he got cut he had to report back to us? :?

yeh after he got waived hes supose to return to the ticats seeing as we have his rights and hes in his option year.. he hasnt bin found or even heard of.. not good news for us.

No,he can wait to be picked up by a NFL club,getting this advice from his agent for sure,can't blame him if he has a chance or if a team has alot of injuries next week,then he may get a nibble.

Not only can he wait to see if another team picks him up, if he returns he can play the rest of the year under his option year, and then be a free agent at the end of the year (or simply take the rest of the year off and then become a free agent). Would you be in a hurry to sign up long term with a team like Hamilton, and expansion to Ottawa around the corner?

ya i think your right blitz.

As of the moment he cleared waivers, K. Hill once again became property of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He CANNOT look for another NFL contract.

so where is he then and what could he be doing. and if he dossnt show up what happens to him. is he free next year or would he be ours again because he didnt show?

Oh ,OK,....I think if he doesn't come here he's then free next year....(?)

I think he'll show up ,probably sore after a hard camp and down and out about being cut when he feels he shoulda made it,hopefully they find him ,probably at home with family eh?

That's a good question. I think we would suspend him, and that way we don't have to pay him anything.

im pretty sure if he isn’t here right now then he isn’t getting paid anyways…doesn’t seem right to pay him, and in the case of suspending him then it doesn’t matter if he is not here :?

but he wouldnt have to come back next year?

no. either way he is a free agent next year. lots of players sit out option years.

can they do that?? they shouldnt be aloud seeing as we signed him and his our property.

8) Hill probably doesn't even want to come to this circus like outfit !!!!! Even if he does show up even a couple of days before this game he would be able to return punts and kickoffs easily. He doesn't have to be here for a week of workouts to do that task, and to suggest otherwise is plain nonsence !!!!

would you come back to this mess, i think he doesn't want to come bck to this chaos. From my understanding he is a PR no?? Why is everyone making a big deal WE HAVE COREY HOLMES