Hilarious typo in the Toronto Star

Hilarious typo in the Star today:

Late touchdown gives Ticats first win of season
A successful challenge by Hamilton coach sets up one-year plunge.
p.s. I thought the officiating had been pretty good this weekend. Then this game happened...WOW! Command center has NO idea what they are doing, and on-field officials were again just terrible. Take their mic's away! They think they are the stars on the field.

I thought they got the calls right. The PI in the endzone was iffy as the DB didn't actually screen the receiver but I can see it called either way. It didn't effect the outcome. The Argos can't score TDs inside the 20..that's what effected the outcome.

Hmmm...I thought the endzone PI was the deciding factor, at least as far as Ham. taking the late lead.
And I thought the PI call by command centre because of the challenge was the correct call. Seemed like an easy overturn from my view. Receiver was screened and run into.
But a really messy game overall with plenty of missed opps by both teams.

True enough actually.