Hilarious GC Halftime vid... Hope he's ok!


Has anyone posted this yet? Shot during a rehearsal for BTO's halftime show. It's not funny when people get hurt, but this is an instant Grey Cup classic.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLQlA-mr5gM&feature=player_embedded]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLQlA-mr ... r_embedded[/url]

Its a fake!

it’s so dumb.

How do you know it's a fake? And by fake, do you mean it's a fake video, or it was a stunt fall? If it's a fake video, it's pretty well done keeping the forground and background in sync. And if a stunt fall, it was pretty impressive.

But if it's real, the guy looked like he was seriously injured, given that he was still down for quite a while. I agree, I hope he's ok.

The video itself looks real, not doctored or anything, but I'm pretty sure the fall was a stunt.

if you read into it, you find out it was indeed faked and a set up.

the guy who did it even said so to another poster.

he was up later walking around fine.

Yeah the video itself looked legit, however the fall looked forced, and you can see him keep rolling to go down more stairs to make it look more dramatic.


He made the news:

[url=http://sports.nationalpost.com/2010/12/08/eskimos-look-for-dancer-who-took-nasty-grey-cup-tumble/]http://sports.nationalpost.com/2010/12/ ... up-tumble/[/url]