Highway robbery in Edmonton!!!!!

:? That was highway robbery in Edmonchuck tonight.!!!!!!!!!!!! The refs decided the outcome in favour of the esks. Dominguez clearly scored a td. And, an earlier blatant interference call was overlooked which stopped a key Rider drive. How does Edmonton get away with these homer calls. The reffing was an embarrassment to the CFL.


Rider Pride Nation Wide

Plus several late hits on Riders were not called. Joseph got a late shot to the head which went uncalled-- unbelievable. The esks were bailed out by their mommas!!

I saw a D-Lineman helmet to helmet hit one of the offensive linemen. For shame Edmonton, for shame!!!!!!

Dominguez did not "clearly" score a TD ... there was nowhere near enough evidence to overturn the call. Yes, there was a missed pass interference call, but as for the hits, there was also a missed call on a helmet-to-helmet hit on Buck Pierce Thursday night ...

Doesn't mean I support Edmonton in any way, shape or form ...

Another great one, Turk! You can sure come up with 'em, this is one of your best so far! One question though: Which song do we sing this one to?

the int td was the difference. one bad play cost us a chance
why run the ball first and goal from the nine?
there was a blatant late hit on the qb , both arms to joseph’s head. i think it was braidwood??? he should be suspended next game. either that or its open season on ray.
and though eski fans might disagree, there were missed pass interference calls all night. it was actually shameful. makes me glad i told the cfl the reffing was terrible in the latest survey.
riders lose next week, fire everyone. edmonton was a very beatable team. riders lack the killer instict

ohhhhh that's why they lost? Jeeze all this time i was thinking they lost because the Riders organization sucks.

so i guess your sayin the the refs did a good job last night? This is the 1st year that i noticed that the refs make atleast 4 - 5 errors per game :roll: , to high imo :wink:

That inferference in the Endzone should definitely have been called!

the TD.. i think was not in..

Its difficult to tell when Turkey is being serious or just kidding around.....however I thought the refs did a good job of letting the players decide this one.....a good close game and a good win for the EE to end the streak.

Well, good teams shouldn't blame the officiating, but dammit, there was a lot of poor officiating last night. I don't know if Edmonton paid off the officials or not (KIDDING!), but they were getting away with murder out there. Braidwood punched Joseph in the head after the ball left and there was no call. Malcolm Frank was guilty of flagrant pass interference on at least three separate occasions without a call. The ridiculous challenge that Edmonton won -- you have to have CLEAR indisputable evidence to overturn any call and no such evidence was available from the replay. Badly officiated game without a doubt, but the Riders still have to take responsibility. Joseph looked confused and panicky for most of the game.

I didn’t care one way or other but I thought Dominquez dragged his toe inbounds and it should have been a TD.
It seems to be a year questional calls so far…maybe the second half will prove to be more exciting and George will tell his guys to lighten up a little so we can see some excitement in the CFL again.

i think the interference call in the endzone was a good no call, because all 3 guys were looking back up at the ball, and then all of them fell, no clear pushing or shoving..and i think that play by dominguez was a td, because even tho there was a sign in the way u could clearly tell he dragged his left leg in bounds and he did have control even when he was sliding on the track

Give credit to the Esks, they played well enough to win. The Dominguez call could have gone either way, he may have had his foot inbounds, but he had to have control of the football as well. I would say that is iffy at best. I would have aslo liked to have seen Crandell get into the game. Joseph is hurting, it was obvious to all that he is injured.

if the cfl doesn’t suspend braidwood (who i think hit joseph with two arms) then it’s up to the riders to inflict some pain on ray.
tit-for-tat, I say

"Bomb, Why Does My Heart go Bomb?" :lol:

I saw his right foot clearly in bounds. Every ref in the league should be fired along with Georgey boy Black.

While his foot appeared to me to look as though it could be inbounds, I don't fault the refs one bit for saying there was insufficient evidence to overturn the call. It was close, but I don't wonder if maybe my team bias didn't lead me to think his foot was in??

Too close to call.....and good teams play through calls that don't go their way, which we didn't do. Good win for the Esks.....

Of course it was the ref's fault your team lost! That is a no brainer! Turk! Can you not come up with a newer excuse! This one is getting old quick ask the bomber fans they learned! Got to be the water out in the prairies!

You must drink bottled water! I agree JM02 that was a tough one to call!