Highschool Football

Ok firstly I know how much a lot of u hate us talking about anythign other then CFL. And this topic (saying ion the subject) is about Highschool football. So if all you want to talk about is CFL then simply dont post. On to the actual subject.
I play highschool football myself. Im in my second year of grade 12 and I hope to play in College/University as well. I was just wondering what all of you think about highschool ball. I mean the rules are all different depending on where you are playing. I mean up in Sudbury Ontario it was 4 down football on a CFL sized field. and 15 minute quarters. But down here in the Windsor-Essex area. It is 3 down football with only 12 minute quarters but is on a CFL football field. But my question here is do any of you play or watch highschool ball? Does anybody enjoy watching it? I mean my father helps my team by being a medic on the team (he is licensed LOL) What are all of your opinions on Highschool ball. I mean most of the pros start learning football in highschool. ANd its such a fundemental game as well. The players are all so dedicated. I mean we dont get paid, we spend 4 nights a week for about two and a half to three hours a night practicing. The only night we dont practice is game-day/night. It helps to creat a lot more then just football smarts and skills.
Again what do you all think?

I think high school ball is a great way to develop your skills. Alberta has very strong high school programs throughout the province. Many kids are playing the game now starting at the age of 10 and right up into high school. They learn teamwork and discipline and develop great cameraderie with life long friends.

Our high school system is strong because the minor system is strong. By the time they get to high school, most athletes are well versed in the basics and ready for a more advanced level of coaching.

Good luck with your season!

High School Football Is Such A Great Thing And The Ontario Conservitive Government Has Really Ruined The High Schools In This Province By The Decrease In Funding That's Going Into Public School Sports Programs. I Went To One Of The Many High School's In Toronto That Didn't Have A Football Team And I Think It Really Ruined Me. I Found A Football Summer League (COMFL) That I Started Playing For The Summer After Grade 11. It Was The Most Fun I Had Playing Organized Sports, Never Mind The Fact That In The Three Years That I Played With The Team We Only Won 2 Games. However Every Now And Then I Run Into People That I Used To Play With And It's Like A Veterans Reunion. So 'ticats fan 86' To You I Say Really Enjoy These Years That You Are Able To Play, I'm Now A Year Too Old For This League And I'm Not Able To Find Any Adult League In My Area.

And Since You Brought Up The High School Football Topic I Was Wonderring If Anyone Knows The Answer To This Question. Canadian Sports Fields Are Useally 50 Yards Wide With Goal Posts 50-55 Yards Apart And A Track Around The Outside. This Works Out Well Since Both Soccer And CFL Football Use The Same Sized Field With The Goal Posts At The Same Distance And A Regulation Track Is 400m Which Is The Distance Around The Outside Of The Field With A 20 Yard End Zone At Both Ends. Since In The States The End Zone Is In Front Of The Goal Posts How Does This Affect The Field Size. Do Some High School Teams Have Seperate Fields For Football And Soccer.

At my school the field is designed for Football and Soccer (with an extra crossbar for the soccer net). The junior team plays on that field. All of the Senior teams play at Shouldice park, which I think is Football only.

You guys saw Friday Night Lights. That was no ezageration, Teaxans take there HS football very serouisly. I lived in Plano for a few years and speant my freemon year in a High School there, so I know. People have bilborads in their front yards, it's crazy.


I play high school ball in Wnnipeg and it is 3 downs, 12 minute quaters, and running time. It is really fun to play, and I enjoy watching other teams in the leauge play. The high school leagues help to great amounts for college/university levels, and een the pro leagues. As for field size the school fields are a little smaller bt we do play at Canad Inns sadium once in the reglar season and most playoff games.

I played High School Football many moons ago in Ottawa. I remember getting picked on by this big goon; that is until he saw me play football. Geez, it was like I became his friend overnight. It truly was embarassing and unnerving, but cool when I look back.
My son is now in grade 8 and has made a City Mosquito team. He never played ANY organised sports before. You wouldn't believe how much he learned, and the confidence it has given him!! So now that he is in Jr. High at a High School here that has a strong history in Ottawa H.S. football (many City Championships), I told him that he should consider playing Jr. football in Grade 9 (when he's eligible). He is so excited at the prospect (especially after I told him that he gets out of school early on game days, lol). Ah yes, I remember the great times and friends I met playing H.S. Football.

Eat 'em raw ticats_fan_86, eat 'em raw!!!

P.S. Here in the Ottawa area the French High Schools do not have ANY use for football programs, so the only alternative for the French kids is to play community football. But of course they have hockey. Makes you wonder.

I think that the Ontario government should put money aside for highschool sports (especially football) Because they are such a huge thing. It is hard for a lot of kids to play at all because they simply cant afford it. I mean even when I was in grade 9 I paid little to nothing to play football at the school. Now (in second year of grade 12) im paying almost $100 to play. Including the cost of cleats. Which is outragous for a guy with size 13 feet. I mean helmets and shoulder pads are provided as well as a new mouth guard if u dont wish to buy one yourself. But The government needs to put more money back into highschool sports. They fail to realize what a sport can do for a kid. One arguement against it may be that your marks go down when your playing sports. I totally disagree with that. I find my marks are higher when im playing sports because the sport teaches me dicipline. As well to be on my highschool football team you cant be failing any classes or causing trouble around school. And if your doing either of the 2 then you may be kicked off of the team. But im only one person what does my opinion matter to the government. All I know is Im gonna vote for the guy that decides to put more money into highschool sports programs.
And to supersmith I will be sure to eat all the other teams raw :lol:

.....whereas I vote for the person who plugs more money into education in general. I think extracurricular activities of any kind are an extremely positive influence on students, but I see first-hand what really needs improving. When you have a class of thirty students but only twelve novels. . .no anthologies or textbooks to distribute to classes. . .no money for providing lunches to underpriviledged students so the teachers are buying groceries for student lunches every week. . .buying school supplies for students who cannot afford it. . .the list continues, and I have been involved in all these things myself.

I'm not disagreeing with you, tf86 - just taking your argument to a higher level.

Glad this topic came up. I played highschool football from grade 9 straight through to grade 12. In Ontario it honestly it's a joke. Some of the coachs here in Toronto are very unqualified. Real football in Ontario is either in the OVFL or COMFL. It is ten times more competative. The conditioning is also a lot more intense. I currently ride the bench for the Golden Gaels in my rookie season, but if your counting on high school ball to prepare you for the C.I.S your in for a little shock. Because it will not. Unless the high school ball is ten times competative down their then it is up here in T.O.

Scouts may come out to the highschool games, but they take a more serious look when watching the OVFL or COMFL players.

Ti-cat fan, since you live in the Windsor area, you should consider the
OVFL's Essex Ravens this spring. It will be a good test for you, and see where you at with your's areas best players. Especially for people like you and I who play recevier. The corners are much faster and physical in this league, and you will get a better taste of what you'll be up against in the C.I.S.
Hey with any luck we could be playing against each other in the C.I.S next year. Anways good luck, and if you have any questions about the OVFL, or advice on being a rookie in the C.I.S then PM me.

Well jm02 I cant say I totally understand where your comming from because ive never had a class of 30 kids with only 12 books. I mean everyone in my classes gets there own books and weve never had a prolem. There was one year that a school I was going to (only 7 years old at the time) had so many grade 9's come in that some of the seniors (being grades 11 and 12) would have to share lockers. They eventually got more lockers. But I still agree with you that they need to put more money into education all together. Im just thinking athletics wise.
And to Argonauts_04_Champs Ive never played anythign other then highschool football. IT is a lot more competitive down here then it was in Sudbury thats for sure (as in overall better coaches and teams etc) And as for the Essex Ravens I was actualyl thinking of going to try out for them next year. Or whenever they start. I will have to get as much information from you as I can. But I was thinking of going out for the team. Thanks for the advice and who knows maybe we will play against each other. Although from what I understand the Essex Ravens are like defending champions or something is that true??

DAVE SAP..... the CALGARY's great reciever is from my high former school , NORTH TORONTO.

NEIL LUMSDEN , played at NORTHERN SECONDARY, just down the road from , NORTH TORONTO.

I played Q.B. at N.T. and at , LEASIDE COL. :smiley: We never won anything. :lol:

I thought the only province where american footbal was played in high school was B.C. Apparently in Vancouver in the 40's and 50's there were only one or two schools who played football. In order to get games they played accross the border in Washington state and played of course american 4 down football on a smaller and narrower field and followed their rules. That was how american rules came to BC and have stayed since. Today I thought they were the only province playing american rules. I did not know some Ontario areas play american rules. Sad isn't it. Canadian rules and field length makes for such a better game!!!!

Canadian rules Rule!!

Yeah :cry: BC Highschools Play American rules. But the Community ball plays Canadian Rules :smiley: My Grandson plays in the Lowermainland and they have two leagues in divisions from Atom (8-9) all the way to Midget (16-17) This year The community leagues get there Stories and stats in The Vancouver Province Newspaper on Tuesday. Minor football is growing out here at a good rate!

Canadian rules KICK @$$!!! If Football ever makes it to the Olympics, a combination of CFL and NFL rul;es should be played.

That is sad, but as long as the CIS, CJFL, CFL plays under canadian rules, it's all good.


i just wanna say this about high school football, anyone who is in saskatoon and loves football should go to Gordie Howe Bowl Thursday night to see St. Joseph and Aden Bowmen play, it's gonna be a hell of a game

  • those darn Catholic schools cheat and have an advantage because they play with an extra player who is upstairs and they pay homage to before each game.

God, am I gald those days are over! :smiley:


who won. missed it in the paper.

I can't believe Bowman is good. When I played they were the laughing stock of the league. They had this running back called Tony "the tiger" something, who goit like 340 yds or something stupid like that. it was a record at the time, but it has been broken since. We played them the next game. I think he got 6 yds, and we knocked 3 qb's out of the game.

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