Highlights of the Game

tsn.ca has some highlights but they dont show much, and I really wanted to see that lumsden touchdown. Does anyone know of were we can see some highights. Hopefully they will be on ticats tv soon, I am just stuck here at work all night with nothing to do and want to see some football. And I cant even get on youtube. What to do??

Check out the score they have more Highlights.
TV not internet

odd how Score has a better Highlight package then the Station that Covers the CFL .

Actually..TSN's highlites was very well done..
they showed about a minute of highlites of each game..
I saw SCORES' highlites aswell...
TSN's were much better!

I should have been more clear I meant where to find highlights on the internet as at work i cant get to a tv. Oh well i am off in 10 minutes now so i will just watch when i get home.