Highlight Video-Sweet

i just watched the video highlights from last game on our own ticats.ca, on the front page to ur right u will notice alittle bar that says VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS open

thats a great idea, i love that!

yes...they listened to me!

it was pretty good. The screens small tho and it took me a wile to fine it even tho i new where to look.

Was just about to start a new post about it, could thing I scrolled down.

Great videos and excellent idea.

Just wish you could make the screen bigger.

What a throw by Maas as he is falling backwards.

Should be fun to watch all through the season. :thup: :thup:

I have to agree...the video highlights are great. I hope that we can see them during the season and I would actually prefer to hear the announcer rather than techno music.

I want to hear the "long bomb to DJ. Flick...TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!"

And the tribute to Travis was beautifully done. It's not only a wonderful tribute to a the man..but it showcases the kind of organization the Ticats are.

nice new videos, 2006 eason and travis. awsome job techies.

Great video, bit I, too, would like to have them resized. I know that not everyone is on broadband, but using mpeg, relaplayer, avi, or quicktime format will allow you to resize the window easily. As well as having broadband and dial-up video sizes.